Travel. Kiev is One Of “The 10 worst cities to live in the world in 2017”? Now Look Here…

I didn’t plan to write another article about Eastern Europe until I saw this article on famous blog Business Insider. I hate being aggressive towards other media, but we all have a right to reliable information we get from it.

The point is that Business Insider ranked Ukrainian capital, the city of Kiev as one of “The 10 worst cities to live in the world in 2017”, in this list Kiev appeared in one line with Somali, and Syria.

Where did they get this information? How? Hh…ow does it possible? I would like to ask the author of the article: Have you ever been to Kiev? This is really scary how media can lie, impose something really wrong. Sometimes, media is just unprofessional, that’s why we got this kind of garbage with untruthful info, but sometimes media becomes propaganda, and this is a serious issue! I understand, Ukraine has difficult situation in SOME parts of Ukraine, as well as some economic, BUT they growing at the same time, and Kiev is still one of the most beautiful, progressive, and fabulous cities in Europe.

It feels like there was a task to make a “quick research’ on worst cities, the author read some last news, or even first paragraph, and then copy paste to the article.

In this post, I would like to share some pics and my thoughts on what is really going on in Kiev. Is this European city, the city where Slavic nations actually began, one of the worst cities in the world?

I will start with it traditional, historic part. Kiev is famous for its beautiful ancient architecture. Churches play a significant role in the architectural ensemble and the Motherland Monument is one of the biggest in the world.

Then, I would like to have a tour at local parks, and streets….Take a tour of housing opportunities, art, entertainment and so on. So, actually, this article is a quick response to Business Insider, where the question is “Really”?

I know one Irish guy, who said that Kiev is the most beautiful city in Europe as the city’s ancient architecture that differ from other cities.

The first thing you need to do in Kiev is taking a ‘promenade’ on its main street, Khreshatik.

Here is a brother of Harrods and Macy’s. In Kiev, it’s ‘Zhum”.

University of Shevchenko is one of the world’s greatest Universities.

Another shopping mall, Ocean Plaza.

Hipster? Wanna healthy food and co-working space?

The river “Dnepro”is similar to the River Thames, for example, and it has its own ‘promenade’, full of cafes, art areas, and it also has amazing beach.


“Vosdvishzenka” is a new district in Kiev, which planned to be a luxury ‘sleep land’ for those who lucky with their wallet. However, as it has ‘difficult to get in’ location, just few people bought these apartments. Also, there are some rumours that this place has mysterious energy, and it’s dangerous to live there. So, now, “Vosdvishzenka” is one of the most incredible places in Kiev, that has ancient houses, hipster art-cafes with parks and art installations there.



There is another ‘sleep land’ opportunity, one of the newest place to buy your apartment here, in Comfort Town.


How entertainment and night life look like in Kiev? Here is the Festival Atlas Weekend…

Atlas Fest Kiev

Atlas Festival Kiev

Check full article on Atlas Weekend Festival here.

And here is the ‘art-factory’…




So, seriously, Business Insider? Kiev is one “The 10 worst cities to live in the world in 2017”?

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