Art. 6 Winter Events That Catapult Your Christmas Mood to Another Level

Christmas is on its way, so we need some ‘warm-up’ for our Christmas mood. What we usually want for Christmas? Christmas markets, ice sculptures, ice skating, coffee with marshmallows, firework on New Year, and shopping…

Apart from this general stuff you are going to do again this Christmas, we would like to suggest you some outstanding, a little bit ‘arty’ events to boost your Christmas mood on another level.

1. Avant-Garde Trees Exhibition

All winter celebrations are surrounded by this ‘piece of nature’. Christmas Tree is something that makes our Christmas and New Year celebrations festive, and actually is its symbol. When you visit Paris, apart from its Christmas lights, Christmas markets and sophisticated dinners with Champagne, educate yourself on modern art, and get some Avant-Garde inspirations for your Christmas Tree decoration!

The exhibition occurs annually on Christmas Eve in the Centre Pompidou. All the tree decorations are created by top designers and couturiers and the profit from the exhibition goes to a French charity. As any exhibition in the Centre Pompidou, it’s going to be fun, extraordinary, and very ‘instagramable’.


When: December

Where: Paris, Centre Pompidou

2. Designer Christmas Trees Exhibition in Paris and Luxembourg

Following the Avant-Garde exhibition in Paris, there is another place for Christmas Trees adoration. And this time also made by top couturiers and designers but with more fashion twist. Can you image Louis Vuitton or Dior Tree? In this exhibition, fashion will rule your Christmas mood. You can visit Designer Christmas trees in Paris but we would like to suggest you visit the Luxembourg edition. Combine a peaceful and Royal vacation in lovely Luxembourg and get some ‘haute couture’ decoration tips.

paris christmas


Jean-Paul Gatier. Source

When: 6 to 15 December

Where: Hotel Place d’Armes, Luxembourg-ville

3. Christmas at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

London is definitely one of the most desirable destinations when it comes to Christmas. It’s easy to find something extraordinary as London is full of festive places to visit during Christmas. We would like to suggest celebrating a Christmas Eve at Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

Just imagine, a Royal Garden with, beautiful Christmas Trees, flowers, and forest, with the incredible sculptures. Everything is decorated with lighting…this is how Christmas Miracle actually looks like.

Feel like you are Alice in Wonderland and add more light to your Christmas Mood!






When: December

Where: London, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

4. Mozart Ensemble Vienna – Mozart House

Austria is, probably, the most attending countries to visit during the Christmas Eve days. One of the best Christmas markets in the world made Austria top destination for Christmas celebration. As Austria is one of the centers of the world classical music stage, you definitely need to attend at least one ‘must-visit’ music concert. We would like to suggest you the Mozart Ensemble Vienna – Mozart House. You will be engaged in the atmosphere of the classic Vienne Period, and the most important is that Mozart himself, lived there in 1781, and used to work and play for Bishop Colloredo in 1781.


When: December-January

Where: Vienne, Mozart House

5.  The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

New York! There are so many things to do in this city during the Christmas Eve. But if you are in New York, you have to visit one of its Broadway shows. This ‘Spectacular Spectacular’ is the reflection of that festive Christmas spirit you need to have during these holidays. Just imagine super-large, innovative stage with over 250 dancers, singers, animators, acrobats, animals, and Santa! The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is an annual Christmas show made in the best traditions of New York Broadways performers.


When: December-January

Where: New York, The Radio City Hall

6. The Russian Winter Festival in Moscow

When it comes to winter vacation, Russia is one the best destinations to visit. Russia is magic during the winter holidays, mostly due to its snowing weather. Russian big cities like Moscow and Saint-Petersburg put many efforts to its Christmas and New Year celebrations, so be ready for an incredible Slavic-style Christmas celebrations.

The Russian Winter Festival in Moscow is not traditional Christmas market, but a combination of Russian New Year, Christmas and Russian winter celebrations called Svyatki. This festival offers everything you need for Christmas: songs and dance, various performances, food, crafts, traditional Slavic winter games, and more. You will meet Russian version of Santa Ded Moroz with his ‘business partner’ Snegurochka and feel the atmosphere of Slavic Christmas celebrations. This festival occurs annually, and not only Moscow hosts it. In 2007, the Russian Winter Festival was hosted by the city of London.


Ded Moroz. Source


When: Mid December-Mid January

Where: Moscow, Izmailovo Park and the more central Revolution Square, Gorky Park.


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