Art. Taking Selfie with Dali During Dali Lives Exhibition. When Art Meets AI.

“I do not believe in my death? Do you?” Dali

What about a selfie with El Dios del Surrealismo Salvador Dali? This is possible thanks to Dalí Lives exhibition hosted by the Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Technological innovations play a significant part in the art domain today, in the case of this exhibition, AI is a core tool to recreate Dali and make him closer to visitors.

dali alives

Ad agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners (GS&P) made a life-size re-creation of Dalí using the machine learning-powered video editing technique. “Using archival footage from interviews, GS&P pulled over 6,000 frames and used 1,000 hours of machine learning to train the AI algorithm on Dalí’s face. His facial expressions were then imposed over an actor with Dalí’s body proportions, and quotes from his interviews and letters were synced with a voice actor who could mimic his unique accent, a mix of French, Spanish, and English.” – The Verge.

During the exhibition, you can watch deepfake videos with Dali and even make a selfie! Salvador Dalí once said in an interview, “I believe in general in death, but in the death of Dali, absolutely not”

Dalí Lives opened on May 11th 2019 in occasion of Dali’s 115th birthday.

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