Travel. 7 Apps and Websites to Live a Digital Nomad Life and Travel like a Pro

So, you became a digital nomad. A long-term traveller who can afford to live in different countries and working from different places. Having a vacation and living in different places changing countries all the time, especially if you work remotely, are not the same thing. But do you know that there are some great apps for digital nomads, websites and apps for travel which can make a digital nomad life and remote work easier?

I would like to share with you this quick guide of apps that help you to live a life of a digital nomad as a pro. And, I am sure you haven’t heard about some of them.

1. Hopper

Let’s start with booking flights. I am already mentioned the best websites to find cheap flights and accommodation, but Hope offers something different. It’s not only a search engine, but a calendar where you can plan your trips easily, bookings flights or hotels, and get the best deals. So, you see what days you can save expenses on travel.

For accommodation, Airbnb and Homeaway are still my favourites!

apps & websites for digital nomads

2. Workfrom

I can’t believe I’ve never heard about this app. So, you choose any city and find a cool place to work thanks to this app. It’s what I always do when I come with my laptop to another city. How Workfrom say: we find the best local coffee shops, cafes, coworking spots, and alternative spaces to get work done in 1200+ cities worldwide.

apps & websites for digital nomads

3. Meetup

You find flights, accommodation, and set up with work. What next? Right, find new friends. It’s hard to find friends quickly if you just came to another place. But, this app brings various opportunities for networking. And, you can easily create your own meetup. 

apps & websites for digital nomads

4. Spotted by locals

How come I’ve never heard about this app? When you travel, you want to live like a local, right? So, thanks to Spotted by locals, you will know the best places to visit, to stay, to eat, to drink, to party, etc that are spotted by locals.

apps & websites for digital nomads

5. Strawberry Tours

The best way to know the new city quickly is Free walking tours. Through this website, you can book some extraordinary tours, like Graffiti in the city, or so. 

apps & websites for digital nomads

6. SafetyWing

As a digital worker and ‘no specific place’ worker, you need to think about your safety. And, SafetyWing is here to help. Created by digital nomads for digital nomads, SafetyWing provides travellers with travel medical insurance and covers from people all over the world while outside their home country. SafetyWing insurance is ultra flexible, meaning you don’t need to know an end date of your trip, as the policy works on auto-renewal like a subscription. It can be purchased while already traveling and additionally includes coverage for travel delays, lost checked luggage as well as emergency response, natural disasters and personal liability. Now you don’t need to bother yourself before every trip. Buy a relevant insurance option for a year or so.

apps & websites for digital nomads

 7. AlterNative.Tours Photo

While travelling you definitely take pictures, do you? Or, you are a travel blogger? With AlterNative, you can hire your own photographer who will travel with you and create fantastic pictures. Very useful for travel bloggers!

apps & websites for digital nomads

Are you going to use these tools? Tell us which one do you prefer?

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