Art. #WeWantQuant Outdoor Campaign by V&A Museum Exhibition. 60s Back on the Streets of London.

Another exhibition in London, another great outdoor campaign. I mentioned how the British Museum of London used outdoor posters to attract more visitors, and now V&A Museum sends a double-decker full of fancy 60s dressed models to attract visitors to MaryQuant exhibition.

In the era of digital marketing outdoor campaigns seemed something like a cave period…… but V&A and British Museums showed how the outdoor campaign can stand out from other marketing efforts. #WeWantQuant campaign is a good example of recovering outdoor marketing and even boost it to another level!

So, who is Mary Quant? If you are the 60s fan, you know that Mary was a mini-skirt creator who spread the borders in the expression of female sexuality and started a new era in fashion.

“Upcoming retrospective of the seminal Welsh designer and to raise awareness for its #WeWantQuant campaign” said Vogue magazine.

“We want to hear from women who wore Mary’s radical designs and experienced the appeal of the Mary Quant brand at first-hand,” curator Jenny Lister says in a statement that urges fans “to check attics, cupboards, as well as family photo albums.”

The exhibition will represent the historical moments from Quant’s biography, including photographs, clothing, and more. V&A Museum even asks 60s fans and those who lived in this fantastic era to tell their stories refer to Quant and give their garments. The exhibition will open on 9 April 2019, so you can check more info on the V&A Museum website.

If you are 60s obsessed, check my post about 60s fashion with some random pictures here.

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