Travel. Flamenco Paradise – Andalusian City of Seville. Photo Story.

Seville is a centre of flamenco paradise – Andalusia. We heard a lot about this city but always go to Barcelona. Seville has not less attractions than any other big cities in Spain and has its own magic vibe. Seville is the most Spanish city in Spain, very famous for flamenco and Plaza de Espana. I had a chance to visit Seville just for one day and didn’t expect that this city has so many things to do. Seville is full of cafes, bars, flamenco dancing, flamenco shops, has its own Corrida arena, and a beautiful promenade. I would like to highlight some amazing places I had a chance to explore within one day.

  1. Visit Plaza de Espana

This is the most iconic place in Seville, and probably in Spain. When I came there, spend almost half of the day in this incredible square. Also, I was lucky to see Flamenco performances. Charge your phone properly, or take a camera, as you will make lots of pictures. Plaza de Espana reflects the real Spain we have in our minds. It worth to come to Seville just because of this place.


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Hola Seville!

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I have a small collection of fans bought in Spain. I love to make pictures with a fan of a suitable colour for a relevant city. Seville for me represents a sandy colored fan, and my first post about my Spanish vacation will be about Seville. Stay tuned! У меня есть небольшая коллекция вееров, купленных в Испании. Я люблю делать фотографии с веером подходящего цвета для соответствующего города. Севилья для меня представляет собой веер песочного цвета, и мой первый пост о моих испанских каникулах будет о Севилье. Будьте на связи! #испания #spain #Seville

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Flamenco en la plaza de Espana♡

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2. Surely Don’t Avoid Historic Center

I know that you know it, but let me say some words about Seville city centre. It’s full of fancy bars, Spanish restaurants, where you can get the best tapas, paella, and sangria. Its city centre is also full of incredible old buildings, churches, University, and parks, of course.

I had a feeling that I am in a ‘Zorro’ movie, or Carmen, or something like that.

seville, spain

3. Check Seville’s Flamenco Shops

Seville is a Flamenco capital. You can visit some flamenco bars or concerts, but also visit its flamenco shops that are not typical souvenirs shops we used to see everywhere. If you are a dancer, this is the best place to buy clothing, professional shoes (but they also have ‘adapted’ version of flamenco shoes that you can wear in life), fans, or scarfs.

4. Visit the Royal Alcázars of Seville

Of course, you should visit Alcazar. You know that Spain was ruled by Moors for 100 years, and they left their heritage, where Alcazar is one of the best representatives. This is an Arabic-styled palace with a garden that you can find just in the city centre of Seville.

5. Go to Cafetería Pastelería La Canasta

This is the best bakery I’ve ever been to. Have some traditional breakfast in a Spanish style, Croissant with jamon or Spanish omelette.

6.  Visit Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla, and Corrida Arena

Corrida is one of the main symbols in Spain; if you are not going to visit Corrida because of ethical considerations, visit its Arena that is really impressive. La Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla is a museum dedicated to Corrida that I also highly recommend.


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7.  Have a Look at Mushrooms of Seville 

Also called the project Metropol Parasol mushrooms of Seville is a monument that is located in the Plaza de la Encarnación in Seville, Andalusia. Made of concrete and wood with an incredible structure in the form of a pergola that measures approximately 150 meters long and 70 meters wide. (Wiki)

8. Have a Look at Torre del Oro and Promenade

The Torre del Oro is a dodecagonal military watchtower in Seville, southern Spain. A beautiful monument is located on the riverside of the Guadalquivir river. Highly recommend to see it both in the afternoon and in the evening.

Next, will be Cadiz and Granada! Stay tuned!

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