Travel. 5 Cultural Events You Need to Visit!

Maybe the impact of globalization or development of the transport system, but tourism is taking on new forms, and now we have -gastro, -photo, ethno, -agro, -sport, event tourism, and so on. Event-tourism (cultural events) became a trend, because you can not only relax but attend some great events. Travel.Art.Stories chooses 5 must-visit events with some cultural notes that you probably do not know. So here are the cultural events you need to visit!

Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts in the UK

Despite this festival is one of the most popular events in the world, Travel.Art.Stories cannot pass over it. This festival is your ‘must see’ choice. All music lovers must visit the Glastonbury Festival, which is one of the most significant large-scale festivals in the world.

Europe has its own super-cool festivals like Sziget, but they will never overcome the British festival monster Glastonbury. The best line-up! Especially, pay attention to the underground stage of the festival. There you will make many discoveries.

The energy of the festival is unreal. It feels like you are on another planet. There is the best food from all around the world, from paella and churros to traditional Scottish haggis. All in best traditions of the super trendy street-food.

The festival is not only about music. Be ready to change your creative consciousness, you will get into the movies of Kubrick and Lynch. Glastonbury Festival takes place at the end of June, but despite the hot summer weather, one day will be rainy. Take the rubber boots which became traditional for Glastonbury.

La Fete de la Musique in Paris

La fete de la musique represents the famous annual music festival and cultural event that holds globally. The festival itself was held in Paris first and was founded there, so it is necessary to attend this music festival in the city of its creator.

During the festival, all the corners of Paris, together with the concert halls, will be filled with the music and atmosphere of creativity. The holiday usually holds in June, the best time to combine travel on the holiday. This is a must-see event for you!

cultural events

The Venice Biennale

In the world of contemporary art, La Biennale occupies a significant place. The event itself is a place of ‘pilgrimage’ for professionals and those who are interested in contemporary art. La Biennale is similar to La fete de la musique, but instead of concerts on the streets, there are art installations. La Biennale was founded in Venice, so choose The Venice Biennale instead of the usual Venetian Carnival. In the atmosphere of the ancient city, innovative art installations and various art objects this city will look more impressive. The main advantage of the Venice Biennale is networking as the best artists from all over the world will be there.

cultural events

cultural events

European Capital of Culture

The European Union founded this large-scale event in order to attract attention to culture and cultural exchange between countries. Every year the European Union chooses the cultural centre of Europe, where the event will take place.

During the European Capital of Culture, the chosen city improves its infrastructure and even builds new museums with art objects. For example, Rotterdam has become one of the cultural centres after it was chosen as the capital of culture in 2001. When you visit the new cultural capital of Europe, be ready to see a newly developed city with more innovative art objects.

La Bienal de Flamenco Sevilla

The most significant event for those who adore Spain and Flamenco. When coming to Spain, tourists used to choose fairs or Tomatina, but Travel.Art.Stories advises visiting the original Spanish event, beloved not only by flamenco fans but also by those who want to see Spain in non-tourist view. La Bienal De Flamenco Sevilla! It takes place in Seville, the centre of flamenco and holds only once in two years.

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