Black oversized t-shirt art print

Black Oversized T-shirt with Jan Fyt Vase of flowers Art Print




Black colour in art for me associated with the Dutch painters of Golden Era in the Netherlands. One of its greatest representatives is Jan Fyt who has drawn another ‘Vase of flowers’ but in a special way and is a new art print that perfectly matches with a black oversized t-shirt for a classic but still trendy total black.

Jan Fyt Vase of flowers

Jan Fyt Vase of flowers
Jan Fyt, Vase of flowers

Dutch Golden Age painting is the painting of the Dutch Golden Age, a period in Dutch history roughly spanning the 17th century, during and after the later part of the Eighty Years’ War (1568–1648) for Dutch independence. Jan Fijt or Johannes Fijt (or Fyt) (15 March 1611 – 11 September 1661) was a Flemish Baroque painter, draughtsman and etcher. One of the leading animaliers of the 17th century, he was known for his refined depictions of animals and his lush hunting pieces.

Fyt was a versatile still-life specialist. Although better known for his hunting, game and animal pieces he also painted beautiful still life compositions with flowers and fruit. He was very prolific and is believed to have produced around 280 paintings, many of them signed and dated. His works were sought after by important art collectors of his day and are now in the collections of many leading international museums. (Wiki)

Black oversized t-shirt art print

Black oversized t-shirt art print

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