red oversized t-shirt Van Gogh

Red Oversized T-shirt ‘Flowering Plum Tree’ Japanese art print by Van Gogh




Red Oversized Van Gogh Art print T-shirt of his Japanese period.

Do you know that Vincent was a big admirer of Japanese art that from his words “made him happy and cheerful”? I wanted to create a Japanese art printed t-shirt and red colour came first to my mind, as bright as Japanese culture and art. ‘Flowering Plum Tree’ by Vincent van Gogh is one of the best representations of the Japanese prints in red colour.

red oversized t-shirt Van Gogh

Vincent created three paintings of the Japanese prints from his own collection. This gave him a chance to explore the Japanese printmakers’ style and use of colour.

The first of these copies is based on Utagawa Hiroshige’s Plum Garden in Kameido. Van Gogh reproduced the composition making the colours more intense. The artist replaced the black and grey of Hiroshige’s tree trunk with red and blue tones and added the two orange borders with Japanese characters for a decorative and exotic effect.

From Wiki – Van Gogh’s interest in Japanese ukiyo-e prints dates from his time in Antwerp when he was also immersing himself in Delacroix’s theory of colour and where he used them to decorate his studio. Vincent possessed twelve prints from the series Famous Places in Edo and he also had bought Two Girls Bathing by Oko Kunisada II, 1868. These paintings had an increasing influence on his whole development.

During his subsequent stay in Paris, where Japonisme had become a fashion influencing the work of the Impressionists, he began to collect ukiyo-e prints and eventually to deal in them with his brother Theo.

red oversized t-shirt Van Gogh

red oversized t-shirt Van Gogh

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