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logo sweatshirt

White Sweatshirt with Logo print ‘Мечтатель (Dreamer)’


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White logo Unisex Sweatshirt with print ‘the Dreamer’ in Russian – Мечтатель inspired by Russian avant-garde font.

Dreamer is someone who lives in the fantasies, someone who can’t achieve what desires. Looser in other words. Isn’t it? Did someone call you a dreamer?
Why those who love art, creativity, traveling, and freedom itself are called the dreamers? Why we always want more, want something else, and everything is not enough for us?
Dreamer is someone who wants to get out from the system, from imposed ‘comfort zone’, or what I call ‘fear zone’. Dreamer is someone who sees more, who feels more, who understands more. That’s why Dreamers are creative, talented and love traveling to explore the world.
Dreamers are those who push the world forward, who get out of the boredom, and the system. Dreamers are special, not ordinary, those who create art!

So, are you a Dreamer?

80% cotton, 20% elastane, produced in Ukraine with high-quality standards.

Please note: Ukraine/Worldwide delivery. Shipping cost DOESN’T included and usually around 12$, combined shipping is more than welcome. Ukraine – Nova Pochta.

Refund: Good condition and excluded shipping cost (sorry), in case of loss in the post – full refund and our friendly assistance.

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