Art. Stockholm Culture Night (Kulturnatt): A Night of Free Exhibitions, Concerts, and Parties in Museums

On 20 April, Stockholm has something similar to Museum Nights, and it is called Stockholm Culture Night (Kulturnatt). This is a fantastic day where almost all cultural establishments open their doors offering free exhibitions or concerts. Museums even have dj sets and parties. This year was amazing.


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Only in Kulturhuset, a central culture house and theater in Stockholm, you could spend the whole day, but I have been to Moderna Modern Art museum, Japanese museum, Nordic Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, and so on. The evening and night is super vibrant and fun, and full of stunning art events.

If you are planning to visit Stockholm, add this date to your calendar and enjoys top class Scandi art events in Stockholm.

In the heart of Stockholm, the annual Kulturnatt (Culture Night) transforms the city into a vibrant hub of artistic expression, heritage, and creativity. This beloved tradition, dating back decades, showcases the rich cultural tapestry of Sweden’s capital, inviting locals and visitors alike to immerse themselves in a diverse array of events, performances, and exhibitions.

A Glimpse into Stockhom Culture Night (Kulturnatt) History

The roots of Kulturnatt can be traced back to the late 1980s when cultural institutions across Stockholm first opened their doors late into the night, offering free access to exhibitions, concerts, and activities. Since then, Kulturnatt has grown into a city-wide celebration, attracting tens of thousands of participants each year.

Kulturhuset: Celebrating 50 Years of Cultural Influence

In 2024, Kulturhuset on Sergels torg marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. Half a century of cultural influence and engagement is commemorated through a series of exciting events throughout the year. The anniversary year features a nostalgia-filled Culture Night, the exhibition “Loop av liv – art in a new era” created in collaboration with hundreds of Stockholmers, JR’s exhibition, and the release of a book about the house’s architecture. Special attention is also given to young people during this year’s reading holiday, with an additional investment in programming.


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Stockholm's Kulturnatt: A Night of Free Exhibitions, Concerts, and Parties in Museums

Stockholm's Kulturnatt: A Night of Free Exhibitions, Concerts, and Parties in Museums

During Kulturnatt 2024, Stockholm’s cultural institutions pull out all the stops to offer an unforgettable night of exploration and entertainment.

Here are some of the highlights:

The Opera House had free access to its concerts but the queau was too long. The Royal Academy of Arts had set of concerts and Radhus had jazz concerts.

Kulturhuset: In addition to its anniversary celebrations, Kulturhuset hosts a variety of events, including live performances, film screenings, and interactive exhibitions.

Nordic Museum: The Nordic Museum showcases the region’s cultural heritage through immersive exhibitions and guided tours. Visitors can delve into Nordic history, art, and traditions.

Stockholm's Kulturnatt: A Night of Free Exhibitions, Concerts, and Parties in Museums

Japanese Museum: It has a super dj set and a hipster vibe there. I explored the rich history and traditions of Japan at the Japanese Museum, featuring exhibitions on Japanese art, cuisine, and craftsmanship.

Moderna Museet: Moderna Museet presents cutting-edge contemporary art from Sweden and around the world. Kulturnatt visitors can experience thought-provoking exhibitions and participate in artist talks and workshops. Also, there was a silent party there.

There were also smaller exhibitions close to the Moderna Museum.

Unbelievable night, so explore this hidden art gem while visiting Stockholm. Soon, we will have art week.

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