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Travel. Travel, digital nomads, life abroad, education, and work abroad.

Art. Art in all its forms. Events, cultural travel, event-tourism.

Stories. Stories of travellers and art people. Your experience, your talent, your story.

If you have something to share … travel, study abroad, work abroad or have other experience abroad? – write Travel.Art.Stories. If you are talented and willing to tell about yourself – write Travel.Art.Stories. Saw something exciting, attended a great exhibition or concert, or you just have something to say about art – write Travel.Art.Stories.

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Dear Friends!

I think it’s time to uncover who is behind this travel blog (and, this is also an art blog). I am not a ‘selfie person’ and didn’t plan to talk about myself but I want to be honest with my readers, travellers, art lovers, storytellers, so here I am, the owner of Travel.Art.Stories. 

The idea of creating my own blog came out to me on my Birthday. Seriously. Some kind of mystery, isn’t it? I was full of creativity, art knowledge, and travel experience, so I decided to find a place where I can share all my ideas. And, here is the blog on art and travel.
Also, as I said here I am not that backpacker person, and I’d rather prefer to dress-up ‘creatively’ or fancy and go to a museum and visit events, so I needed more information on art-tourism, event-tourism, and art but with my point of view. 
More words about myself. 
I am from Ukraine. I’ve studied Tourism and Events Management in the UK. My dissertation was dedicated to the UK music industry. I’ve been living in London for two years. Currently, I am a freelance blogger, marketing & sales specialist. I also had an incredible experience working in the USA, Europe, UK, and travelling to other countries. 
I always loved art, in different forms. Art in theory, and art in practical expression.
Apart from writing about art or travel, I dream to tell about talented people from all around the world, so you can open their creativity or actually tell about yourself. 
Contact Travel.Art.Stories tell about your travel experience or art that you make. Or maybe you would like to express your ideas on art? Tell your story to Travel.Art.Stories.

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