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Travel art blog and events guide in one place, to be more specific this is the travel blog and art blog.

What is Travel.Art.Stories?

We all enjoy travelling, but the way we travel may be different. Someone prefers extreme travel, some enjoys ‘all inclusive’, but this blog is more suitable for those who are looking for a festival or the Museum of Modern Art during their trips.

Imagine you are an artist, designer or musician and decided to travel. This is what blog about (not in all cases). If you enjoy walking on the streets in places that are not mentioned in the guidebooks, this blog is for you.

This travel art blog is about art and creativity, where the love of travel is intertwined with a passion for creativity and art. And lots, lots of events and event tourism.

Travel. You will learn a lot about travel. Travel.Art.Stories will show you not only where to go, but also where to study abroad, how to find a job abroad, and how to live abroad. Travel.Art.Stories is crazy about events and event tourism as a whole, so be prepared for the cultural shock. And, where is cheaper and better with the stories from those who know more.

Art. Art in all its forms. Everything that happens in the creative industries. Art, entertainment, and business-related to art and entertainment. But most important – events associated with art. Festivals, exhibitions, concerts, fairs, art markets, fashion shows, museums, galleries …

Stories. The is the most important part of the blog… Here, you will influence what is written. Stories of those who create something, adore art, travel, study, work, or live abroad. In the Stories section, you will read interviews and stories, but most importantly, you will be able to talk about yourself, about your talent or ‘travelart’ experience.

If you are travelling – write Travel.Art.Stories. If you have a music band – write Travel.Art.Stories. Artist – write Travel.Art.Stories. Photographer – write Travel.Art.Stories. Write to Travel.Art.Stories!

How to use the Travel Art Blog? Visit the Blog, or write your story in the Contacts, or search by the keyword Art or Travel or Stories in the categories to get into the section of art, travel or stories.

Travel, adore art, share your stories – Travel.Art.Stories

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