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At the beginning of the 60’s, London became the world cultural centre, and especially it was related to the music industry. In my opinion, today, London is still a major ‘supplier’ of a high-quality, intelligent and, I want to say this word, sincere music. England is rich with talents and does not change its musical traditions and excellent taste. Travel.Art.Stories offers 12 most popular British performers who influence the ‘London vibe’ to date. Check out 12 London Music Trends.


‘English Rose’ Adele is a British and London music queen ‘by default’. Her music takes us to the romanticism of Pride and Prejudice and reflects British culture how we used to imagine it – prudish, rainy but charming and heartful. Like songs of Adele. For broken hearts, her music is the best remedy.


These guys represent the ‘London vibe’, trendy Shoreditch area and hipster gatherings on the Roof Parties. London is full of their posters, as they are mega-popular. But their music reflects the real emotions, full of feelings and experiments. Disclosure works both with the well-known musicians and ‘fresh’ music industry players as well.


Because of this group, Disclosure rocked London with their mega hit White Noise. When I listen to Aluna, I would like to apply that trendy purple or blue lipstick, dress sweatshirt with futuristic print, order, for example, Negroni in the bar and visit party somewhere in Hackney or Shoreditch. #londonslang

Paloma Faith

Her music is a mix of blues, country, and pop. She long tried to succeed in the music industry and even lied about her age, as she later mentioned that at her 29 she was too mature for signing a contract with the label. Before her success, Paloma has been performing in London cabaret, and most of her performances have burlesque ‘notes’ and cabaret. Her music is full of bright emotions and sensible lyrics. ‘Only love can hurt like this’ became the anthem of heartbreak. By the way, her music video for ‘Beauty Remains’ song was shot in Kiev.

Paolo Nutini

His music is a mix of blues, soul, rock and folk. His voice is dramatic and full of sorrow. Paolo already has such followers as John Newman who references on his style. By the way, his video ‘Iron Sky’ was also filmed in Kiev.

FKA Twigs

Certainly, FKA Twigs is a worldwide sensation. Her music refers to R’n’B, pop and electronic. I would call her style psychedelic – electro, retro-R’n’B, with hints of pop and rap music. Her lyrics has the same ‘psychedelic vibe’ But music is not the only part of her amazing work. FKA Twigs, in my opinion, is one of the best dancers in the world and her dance reminds the art-installation. Her style is unique and she is already recognized as a fashion icon by Vogue.

Ed Sheeran

A mix of pop, rock and folk, dance rhythms and sometimes unexpected texts. Check out his amazing work with Pharrell.


Finally! They returned … typical British punks. How we missed this real, even classical British music. They are Sex Pistols and the Clash and the Ramones, but with more modern vibe. Cheer up London is a new London Calling!

London Grammar

The music of these wonderful guys I can call as ‘the soundtrack of my drama’.  These guys are very young, but already give us deep lyrics and music of the classical level. They do not have a particular style in the way they dress, no dance rhythms, only guitar riffs, and electronic notes. Their genre -‘soul’!

Sam Smith

The author of the latest Bond movie soundtrack, Sam Smith is the most popular performer in the genre of pop-soul. The most prominent voice of Britain. His work in cooperation with Disclosure ‘Latch’  reflects his incredible vocal range. In some ‘notes’ you may think that in the songs there are two singers, female and male.


Intelligence in music is a major advantage in London music and Lorde is an example of musical intelligence. Her composition Royals rocked Britain. Minimalistic monotonous synths … nothing distracts from the deep lyrics. Britain has trusted her to sing Tribute to David Bowie, and that says a lot.

Florence and The Machine

And, in conclusion … Psychodelic and dramatic vocals. All in the best traditions of Kate Bush or Tori Amos. Britain will always love such extraordinary female artists.


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