Art. May 2018 Art Calendar And Cultural Events

DIt became a good tradition for Travel.Art.Stories to share some outstanding art calendar and cultural events all across the world!

Every time I visit a new place I always wonder where I can find fun things to do near me and what events near me deserve of visiting. And, if I am going to travel or make the European tour, I am interested in things to do there, and what outstanding events I can visit.

Art Calendar and Cultural events for May 2018

London Original Print Fair – London, UK

3-6 May

This fair will be held in the Royal Academy of Arts this May, where you can purchase any kind of prints of different periods.


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STROKE Art Fair 2018 – Munich

9-13 May

This is the most influential Contemporary Art fair held in Munich. STROKE has an anti-mainstream free spirit for emerging artists and represents German contemporary artistic community in its most sparkling tones.

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“David Bowie Is”-NYC

2 March-15 July

During this exhibition, you can view more than 400 objects from our beloved legend David Bowie including his costumes, lyrics, performance clips, etc. New York was his favorite city, and this exhibition is held in Museum Brooklyn.

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Superfine! Art Fair | NYC 2018

2-6 May

According to various feedback, this art fair Superfine is super fun! The exhibition showcase the best artists of the NYC art stage and you also will some cool stuff there like cotton-candy-clad champagne, popcorn, and whimsical treats.

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ArtJog in Indonesia

4 May – 4 June

If you are more interested in the Asian contemporary art stage, visit ArtJog in Indonesia. There are an outdoor art installation, visual and music performances all in one place.

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The 150th Anniversary of his Birth: Taikan Yokoyama – Tokyo

4-27 May

This exhibition is dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Japanese style nihonga pioneer Yokoyama. art calendar

Printemps Des Rues – Paris

25-27 May

If you go to Paris this May, have a visit to this festival of street arts. This festival will be held in different non-tourist places in Paris.

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Arcadia – London

5-6 May

Here is one of the coolest London music festivals, which include a giant robotic spider and best electronic and techno sounds to date. Great pre-party for Glastonbury!


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