Art. Festive Art and Cultural Events. Part 2.

A festive season is not ending, and following my previous post ‘Christmas events’, I would like to add more festive winter events for January.

1. Ice Sculpture Festival – Brugge, Belgium

This is an incredible opportunity to see the combination of art and ice sculpture in one place. In this ‘World’s First Digital Ice Art Museum’, you will view 1 Ice Palace, 40 artists, 3.000 ice blocks, 100 projections and 523 m² LED Wall.

ice festival

2. Winter City in VDNH – Moscow, Russia

In Russia, holidays just begin on the end of December and last until the end of January. And, this country puts many efforts to make their winter celebrations fantastic. Winter City in VDDN is a combination of Christmas markets, outdoor art festivals, and winter sports events. Everything in one ‘city’!

festive events

3. Museum in Tsaritsyno – Moscow, Russia

This is a unique opportunity to feel like Anna Karenina in her winter Manor. The park complex represents Russian Gothic architecture, one of the best in Russia. Tsaritsyno park itself is located in a hilly area, has a cascade of ponds. To create the English gardens in the imperial residence was discharged from England, one of the best gardeners of the time, Francis Reed.

festive events

4. Winter Country in VDNH –  Kiev, Ukraine

Visit Kiev on January, especially exhibition centre VDNH, where you will experience ice sculptures, art objects, street food, and even Santa Claus residency. There will be also some Christmas fairs and performances.

festive events


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What winter event are you dreaming to visit? Share in the comments…

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