Travel. Wealth, Screaming Art, and Sex in Oslo. My Winter Adventure in the Nordic Scandinavian Norway.

“Oslo is like a village but in a positive sense”


At the beginning of April, I would like to share a post about the incredible winter adventure I had in early February – Oslo. Norway is one of the best winter resorts, and I always had a dream to visit this Nordic Scandinavian region during the wintertime.

The reason why I decided to visit Oslo is the invitation from my friends who live there. I heard a lot about this country and already had some prejudices.


Oslo differs from other European cities. It may seem boring if you travel just for a few days and don’t interact with the locals. Interact with the locals – this is what you need to do if you want to know the real Oslo and have a positive experience. Oslo is not about places to see but people to meet. I like the Norwegians. They are polite and smart Europeans but not that hypocrite. Norwegians may seem cold and unfriendly, which is true for some point. But, once they trust you, you can get amazing friends. As it seems to me, Norwegians live in their own isolated community, where all people know each other and share the same values. I had a feeling that I live in a small village, but Oslo combines safe, cosy, and warm village atmosphere, where every neighbour is your introvert friend, with some big-city vibe.

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Norway is actually a very young country, just in 60-70s they found oil, since then, all the magic has happened. I do believe that in the nearest future we will hear more from this country, or, maybe they will have a Cultural Revolution or so.

When I came to Oslo, there was a feeling that I am in the Frozen movie (by the way, this movie was inspired by Norway). As it was beautifully and magically snowing. The city seemed quiet but mysterious. A good place to have a family and settle down. And, I also had a feeling of freshness in Oslo. In most European cities I’ve been to, it was like I am in a historical museum. But, Norway is a new, young country for me.



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At the beginning of April, I would like to share a post about my most incredible winter adventure I had in early February – the capital of Norway – Oslo. Norway is one of the best winter resorts, and I always had a dream to visit this Nordic Scandinavian region during the winter time. В начале апреля я хотела бы поделиться постом о моем самом невероятном зимнем приключении, которое у меня было в начале февраля – столице Норвегии – Осло. Норвегия – один из лучших зимних курортов, и у меня всегда была мечта посетить северный скандинавский регион зимой. #oslo #oslowinter #oslophoto #scandinavianphoto #norway

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Oslo Norway

Oslo Norway

Wealth and lifestyle in Oslo, Norway

So, they have oil and it makes them the richest country in Europe. What does it mean? 90% of Norwegians have their own apartments or houses. Their sweaters cost around 200 euro, and they spend 20 euros on pizza and 50 euros on drinks in a restaurant. Prices are higher than everywhere I’ve been to, but they have good salaries. Norwegians pay around 50% taxes and the average salary is 5000 euro or more. Because of high prices, they often do grocery shopping in Sweden, go shopping online, and don’t go to restaurants very often. But, what is interesting, they have parties at home, which is soo nice.

Their work-life reminds me post-soviet time, but with a good salary and a positive attitude towards people. Staff turnover is very low, and if the employee doesn’t work well, he/she will have retraining instead of losing a job. But, if you got fired it can be a real problem. Socialism alert! Capitalism countries can just dream about such stability.

Norwegians are famous for their modesty, and it’s true. They are all equal, but this is the equality we all dream about. All are upper-middle-class, respect each other, live in good but not luxurious apartments, wear good quality but no luxury clothing and have stable jobs.

Food and Housing

If you are in Norway, you should eat their fish every day. My favourite was salmon. Also, try their chocolate, it is surprisingly super tasty. And, try brown cheese – salty-sugary cheese.

I love Scandinavian design, and their modern, stylish apartments, highly recommend to rent an apartment.

Here is some Oslo urbanism, and random photos from living areas in Oslo.


I got lost in the evening and found this incredible place. This is actually a sleeping area, where people live. But, for me, a foreigner, this is the opportunity to look at old-fashioned traditional Norwegian houses.


Men, women, relationships, and their famous “one-night stand or hook up culture” in Oslo

This is where the fun starts. I’ve never had as many conversations about personal life since I started to hang out with Norwegians. It feels like I know every single guy in Oslo. As when singles emerge on the “market”, their surrounding turns on the alarm. And, this is so nice. I know two types of Norwegians, “one-night stand” people and super family-oriented ones, those who stay at home and watch Netflix. Actually, “one-night stand” people also watch Netflix and chill…

“One-night stand culture”

Do you want to eat, watch Netflix and chill? – If you said Yes, you just agreed for one-night stand sex.

Norwegians are so proud of their “One-night stand culture”, unlike other countries where people do it, but never show up. Oslo should hold the “One-night stand culture” pride parade! This is going to be their Coachella.

I am not going to judge or give my own opinion, just want to put together some phrases Norwegians said to me. What they say: “In Norway, you come to bar, then have a one-night stand, and after that, you decide to invite for a date or not…”, “we are equal in Norway, so women can approach men first…”, “we fuck first, then add on Facebook”, and so on.

When you see these cute, nerdy, shy blond Scandinavians who are as cute as pandas, it’s hard to believe that that do these things. I already experience some horny, Norwegian weirdos who think it’s normal to have sex after HI on social media or sexting, and what interesting, one of them was a girl. If you go on Tinder in Norway, you can get a lover “in one click”.

But, you know what I think. I do understand their women, and why this culture flourishes in this region. Their men are gorgeous. This is not about appearance, but about charm and charisma. I am not saying I like them all, it’s just a general overview. Of course, everyone has their own tastes.

‘British scientists once proved that Norwegian men are hot because of the good quality of Norwegian water and their high salaries’.

Norwegian men have a combination of a Scandinavian handsomeness with some Viking brutality. Good looking, smart and calm guys. But, their main well-known problem – they are not so proactive, and hard to understand whether they are just shy or indifferent. It feels like many of them do not care a lot about relationships and love. They have well-paid jobs, good apartments, “one-night stand” availability, and love is like an escape of their beloved introvert comfort zone. Romance is too old-fashioned. I heard different things about Norwegian men. First is positive that they are caring for husbands and fathers. But, second, is negative that they are too feminine, not gentlemen, and cheaters. This is what I heard.

Ps: Norway holds the world record for the number of orgasms one can have. 

Art in Oslo

In my opinion, Art in Oslo is

Edward Munch Scream

Edvard Munch, ‘The Scream”

They have a very wide mindset and absolute freedom of expression. You never know what to expect. For example, this is the Theatre in Oslo, where you can witness these incredible masterpieces.

Astrup Fearnley Museet

I didn’t have a chance to visit this museum, as after Sculpture park, I decided to keep myself away from any modern art for a while. I was afraid of disappointment. Everything after this park is just “eh”. But, if you are a modern art fan, this is the best museum to visit in Oslo.

Oslo Norway


Munch Museum

We all know a famous painting “The Scream” by Edward Munch, who is one of the most significant artists of the expressionism movement. And, surely you want to make these “AAA” photo and post in your SM profiles. But, be careful. This famous babe travels the world a lot. When I was in Oslo, “The Scream” was participating in some exhibition away from Oslo.

Oslo Norway


The Munch Museum is under construction, and this is how it is going to look like.

Munch Museum


Edvard Grieg Museum

One of my favourite classical composers was born in Norway, Bergen. If you are a fan of the Solveign Song author, have a visit to Troldhaugen, Grieg Museum. In Oslo, you can enjoy his compositions at Oslo Philharmonic.


Hipsters alert! Yes, Oslo has hipsters. This is how the hipster neighbourhood looks like in Norway…

Completely empty. Norwegians are famous for being introvert. But, I didn’t expect this from hipsters. Anyway, the area is lovely, full of arty stuff like graffiti, paintings, cool cafes, art galleries, beautiful bridge, and some mean, guys with a beard
in second-hand t-shirts.

I would like to sign the main places you need to visit in Oslo.

Centre of the city

The central part of the city is similar to those we see in most European cities. However, less touristic and full of shops with traditional Norwegian sweaters or knitwear. Most cafes work until 8 p.m (!) from Monday to Friday, they usually empty, and even music is not loud. I am just saying…this experience I had in snowy, cold winter though. Maybe in the summer, they have more fun.

The central part is also full of old-fashioned buildings, and for me, they looked different to compare with other cities. The train station is very nice, and one of the best places to visit.

Opera House

Reminds me the Opera House from Sydney. Very stylish, Scandinavian, and Nordic….one of the best places to visit in Oslo. Modern design, and dominant white colour of the building, surrounded by the riverside – all these make Oslo Opera House a symbol of the city and beloved Scandinavian style. Just imagine this incredible masterpiece during snowfall….



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Hello Oslo!

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Oslo City Hall

This is my second favourite place to visit in Oslo. This place differs from others I’ve seen already in other cities. I would say, Oslo City Hall in Oslo is soo Norwegian, has some Soviet Union or communism vibe, because of its paintings on the walls.

Oslo Royal Palace

This is a modest version of the Buckingham Palace. They, sometimes have tours to Royal Palace, but I could observe its beauty outside. There were no people there (not surprised) and looked magic in the snowtime.

“Weird sculptures park” or The Vigeland Park

Oslo made me very knowledgeable about art and culture. This park is just one of the best representatives of the Norwegian art (closer to “weirdism movement”), and the art scene itself.

This is the most instagramable place in Oslo, highly recommend you to take a pic near “Multitasking Norwegian dad” sculpture.

Oslo Park

Historical Museum

Put a “V” and visit another National Museum. Again, this museum was modern, but at the same time represent Norwegian history.

Viking Museum

Highly recommend visiting. This is a hallmark must-visit place of Oslo and their most famous museum. In a few words, there are just two big boats there. But, when I was there, I had a feeling that I came to the Vikings era, so this is the best place to experience how this all begun in Oslo. In the Vikings Museum, they show a 15 min movie about Vikings’ adventure every 30 min.

Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway

This is also a famous museum in Oslo, Norway. From Wikipedia, “it houses vessels and maps from the Kon-Tiki expedition, as well as a library with about 8000 books. It was opened in a provisional building in 1949. “In few words, there is a boat there.

Oslo Nobel Peace Center

Norway is a showcase for the Nobel Peace Prize, put a “V” and visit this hallmark place.

Aker Brygge

This is a pedestrian area along the waterfront which is lined with restaurants, shops, beautiful buildings, and great views of the marina and the Oslo Fjord. This winter Aker Brygge was fascinating because of snowing.


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Aker Brygge, Oslo

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Not far from Aker Brygge represents a modern, hi-tech part of Oslo.  Barcode consists of twelve narrow high-rise buildings of different heights and widths. There, you can visit modern art galleries and attend some great events.



Wrapping up…

For me, Oslo is a place where I can get out of the world. This is the first country where the main sight is people and community itself. Don’t stay away from their hallmark places, you will get an extraordinary experience. And, check out their bars, but do not linger, then don’t surprise if in the morning you will find yourself somewhere in bed with a tall,  blue-eyed blond in his fancy apartment. Horrible, isn’t it?  Oslo brings cultural shock even despite this is another European city.

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