Art. Inside the 60s Fashion Mary Quant Exhibition in London V&A. #WeWantQuant!

Remember me writing about 60s Fashion #WeWantQuant Exhibition in London? I was lucky to visit the V&A Museum in London and buy dream tickets for Mary Quant Exhibition. I am a big fan of the 60s, especially London 60s, and Mary Quant is one of its main representatives. To clarify, she was the one who created 60s fashion itself and mini-skirt invasion. Mary for me is a reflection of 60s London, a fashion icon and innovator.

#WeWantQuant 60s Fashion Exhibition Impressions

What I can say about #WeWantQuant Exhibition? V&A is a Monster Exhibitor and no surprise this exhibition was something outstanding. It wasn’t another contemporary art exhibition, V&A immersed into the atmosphere of the 60s and fashion. The art exhibition itself had two floors, different areas related to different timing or fashion styles, screens where you can short videos, photography, pictures with bio or history notes.

In the 60s, London was mecca in arts, culture, and fashion. The young generation was rebellious and push cultural progress forward. Still, London proudly represents this decade in numerous exhibitions, vintage stores, and … Halloween costumes.

The Outdoor Marketing Campaign

It seems like the exhibition included everything needed for representing 60s fashion. And yes, it was. How I am already mentioned in my previous post #WeWantQuant Outdoor Campaign by V&A Museum Exhibition. 60s Back on the Streets of London,V&A Museum even asked 60s fans and those who lived in this fantastic era to tell their stories refer to Quant and give their garments. The exhibition was open on 9 April 2019 to 16 February 2020, so you can check more info on the V&A Museum website.

The marketing campaign for this exhibition was genius. but, what I noticed and experienced that its event organizers and V&A relied on an outdoor campaign rather than online. I’ve never seen any YouTube or social media app promoting this exhibition. But, they had this incredible outdoor campaign I’ve mentioned, some great posters in the Underground and promo on the roads. Also, V&A Museum sent a double-decker full of fancy 60s dressed models to attract visitors to MaryQuant exhibition. A very good approach in the digital era.

Inside the V&A 60s Fashion Icon - Mary Quant Exhibition in London

I was trying to do my best to make high-quality pictures but even some of them are blurred but I still decided to post them. And, I also included a video of the whole exhibition, so this is your last chance to visit it virtually.

Check an official website for more details about this exhibition.

mentioned how the British Museum of London used outdoor posters to attract more visitors and also visited Art Prize in Kyiv.

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