Art. Music That Deserves Words. Neo-HipHop Flamenco by Rosalía !

Malamente! This song by Spanish/Catalan singer Rosalía has exploded on the web, especially because Dua Lipa mentioned this music video in one of her interviews. Rosalía represents flamenco in the new form, from adding hip-hop like in Malamente  (“Badly” in Eng), electronics, or pop notes. So, this song is actually a fusion of traditional flamenco, hip-hop and r&b, with some reggaeton and electronic synths. The music video has some Barcelona spirit, I think. As it is out of control, and our imagination. There is a torero and Rosalía on the motorcycle laying a part of the bull. And, despite it is a flamenco song, the singer dances hip-hop. The music video is unexpectable in every aspect, and, in my opinion, genius.

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