Art. November 2018 Art Calendar and Cultural Events

Here is a new Art Calendar for November 2018, or things to do in November, the list of events, where I would like to sign some cool music and art events. Please check Art Calendar 2018, and stay tuned for monthly events updates.

  1. MIRA Festival 2018

    Nov 8-10, 2018, Barcelona, Spain

    Barcelona is one of that places where art is a part of the local culture, and where artists have a full freedom of expression. MIRA festival is not a traditional music fest, it is a digital arts festival that combines music and visual arts. The festival is held annually in Barcelona and Berlin.


    2. Electric Sea Dance Festival 2018

    Nov 7-8, 2018, Rostock, Germany

    Sounds ordinary, just another music fest in Europe, but still I advise you to visit Electric Sea Dance Festival. As when it comes to electronic music and best hipster fests, Germany is on the top list.


3. Electric Zoo Shanghai 2018, China

Nov 2018 Dates Unconfirmed

Another electronic music festival, but this time not in Europe. It is not common to see such events in China, and this makes Electric Zoo Fest even better. Apart from music, the festival has impressive art-installations like a huge octopus. I think that you will definitely experience the Asian vibe during Electric Zoo.


4. Modern Couples: Art, Intimacy and the Avant-garde, 

I think that the title describes itself. You will get into the world of avant-garde artists, to be more specific, the couples of the avant-garde art. Frida, Dali, and so on, those who pushed art forward, and those who had an extraordinary love life that actually inspired them.

art calendar


5. AKAA (Also Known As Afrika), Art & design fair, Paris

November 9-11, 2018

This is an incredible event that shows us an African culture from the side, we probably, don’t know.

“Expanding beyond the contemporary art scene from Africa, let’s also talk about artists from the Global South whose paths intersect and whose work draws inspiration from these encounters.”
Victoria Mann – director of AKAA

Stay tuned, there are more art events coming next month!

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