Art. News Collection from Beloved Magazines on Future of Art 2020

2020. What to expect? I feel a little bit futuristic, don’t you? Very interesting to know what expect from the art world this year. Various magazines are spreading their posts about trends in art 2020 or future of art 2020, almost every blog actually posting something to except in 2020 ( I will do Art Calendar and more), so I decided to include some news for 2020 future in art and music from some my favourite magazines.

Digitalization and AI, diversity in education, and more ambitious art projects and venues. Just look at Artsy’s illustrations, soo good.

Ouvertures…I mean some great openings of new places, social and ethical progress in art world, and other news.

No spoiler. Another article about AI, AR, and VR are taking over something. In this case art.

Can’t wait to visit new museums and art venues.

And, now good news from Artsy (actually they always have good news). You definatelly need to visit Oslo this year!

Going digital? AI will replace pop-starts (in some cases I wish)? Check this out.

Yes, The Cure is included. And, Pet Shop Boys, and Green Day, and The Strokes, and Tame Impala, and PJ Harvey (I wish).

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What? My favourite band is Depeche Mode. Since Steve Jobs showcased iPod, this is my favourite news in the music industry.

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