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A new decade and new year. What can we expect from 2020 when it comes to cultural events? This year, we will have some Biennale and even Triennale, Glastonbury anniversary, as well as some great art exhibitions all around the world. I had a look at different websites, art calendars 2020, and various articles, but have chosen those I think are the most outstanding, and have something that catches my eye.  You can get some ideas on what event to visit from my previous Art Calendars as well. Welcome your first Art Calendar 2020, cultural and art events list for 2020!


Momentum 10 – Moss, Norway

19 October 2019 – 22 January 2020

Momentum is an international contemporary art event with a Nordic vibe.

Founded in 1998, it has established itself as one of the most important biennials of contemporary art in the Nordic region. This event has boosted  Moss tourism and some even call this city as a city of art. The Biennale represents a Scandinavian and Nordic culture and art, and is organized under the administration of Punkt Ø AS – Østfold County Galleries.

Momentum profiles young Scandinavian artists and presents the international context within which they work.

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London Artrooms Fair – London, UK

11 January  – 12 January

In this art exhibition, everything is about the venue. Artists can exhibit in a unique environment – a luxurious hotel rooms. The event organizers are working along with emerging and established curators, galleries and private collectors and gaining visibility from a global audience. Today, this is one of the most influential art spaces for emerging artists to exhibit. Since 2018, the city of Roma (Italy) also hosts this event. 

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cultural events

BRAFA Art Fair – Brussels, Belgium

26 January – 2 February

The Brafa Art Fair was created in 1956, and today it is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious art fairs, famous for the high-quality fine art, antiques, modern and contemporary art and design it offers, according to their official website. This art fair is well-known by art professionals, but if you are a cultural traveller, include this art fair on your must-visit list.

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NOMAD Circle, Sankt Moritz – Switzerland

06 February – 09 February

As a digital nomad, and art traveller, I am interested in this event. According to its official story, this is the travelling showcase for contemporary art and collectable design. The Exhibition lives a life of a nomad, travelling across the globe and exhibiting in very extraordinary places.

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Art und Antik Messe Münster – Münster, Germany

26 February – 01 March

The combination of arts and antiques showcasing in one place, and available for both artists and collectors. This is not a traditional contemporary art fair, as you can find uniques masterpieces from the 20ths centuries or so.

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Urvanity Art Fair – Madrid, Spain

27 February – 01 March

Highly recommend visiting this event, as you are not going to see works not only on-site but outside on the streets of Madrid as well. This is a real celebration of the New Contemporary Art, covering its all areas – art, fashion, events, and more.

If you don’t believe me, see these numbers from its official website:


  • A total of 41 participating galleries
  • 29 of them international
  • 240 artists and more than 1000 works presented


  • 13 murals and 5 installations made in the city
  • URVANITY TALKS Conference program, a total of 30 speakers participated
  • A 25% increase in press publications in each edition of the fair

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SCOPE Art – New York, US

05 March – 08 March

SCOPE is one of the biggest art events in the world, bringing new names to the art market and showcasing its works in the great Chelsea location – Metropolitan Pavilion. If you are hesitating to go, check its Virtual Tour of 2019.

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The Other Art Fair, Global

19 March – 13 September

Presented by Saatchi Art, this is also one of the most recognized art exhibitions worldwide, that’s why you can see more than 140 emerging artists in the different cities, from London to LA. I would start with its London edition.

Your chance to pick up the work of a future Young British Artist
Stylist Magazine

“Overflowing with creative talent” 
Time Out

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UK Visitor Promo 60s from The Other Art Fair on Vimeo.

Art Dubai – Dubai, UAE

25 March – 28 March

Since launching its own Louvre, Dubai has established itself as a new art centre that promotes art from all around the globe. Is Dubai a new Paris? Art Dubai has become the main art event in the Middle East but currently is recognized globally.

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Art Nordic – Copenhagen, Denmark

27 March – 29 March

Being a big fan of Scandinavian culture, I am sure that the collection of artists and creators from this area will bring incredible experience. Art Nordic is the largest art exhibition in Scandinavia.

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UNFAIR20 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

10 April – 13 April

It’s unfair that emerging talents can’t showcase their art, and UNFAIR wants to change that. This is a great platform to discover new creators. The fair will include several projects, architecture awards, exhibitions, the art fair itself and fullscreen art installation.

Fullscreen is a travelling, immersive and large-scale video installation showing work by carefully selected artists. The custom-made screens invite viewers to submerge themselves in the works. Adjusting to its surroundings, Fullscreen offers an all-encompassing video experience in the centre of cities, exhibitions, clubs or festivals.


cultural events

cultural events

mi art – Milan, Italy

17 April – 19 April

Art in Milano! The exhibition will gather international artists from around the world, and not only recent creative works but also from different decades of the 20th century.

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Supermarket Art Fair – Stockholm, Sweden

23 April – 26 April

This is one of the most recognized art events in the world, which put Stockholm on the art market map. During this fair, you will view the most outstanding art performances and installations of contemporary art.

Supermarket is a development of Minimarket, which was held at Konstnärshuset (artists’ house) in February 2006 in reaction to new commercial art fair Market.

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London Original Print Fair – London, UK

01 May – 03 May

During this fair, you will view original prints spanning five centuries, from top international dealers, galleries and studios. This fair will be held in the LOPF’s convivial atmosphere in the Royal Academy’s Main Galleries and represents the best artists globally. There is something unique about this fair. I love that it’s focusing on prints, and represent not only fair but series of lectures and talks about prints.

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Frieze – New York, USA

07 May – 10 May

This is one of the most recognized art events in the world. Will be held in different venues and has a very diverse program that includes presentations in such curated sections – ‘Frame, Spotlight, Diálogos highlighting Latin Art and a tribute to New York gallery Just Above Midtown. The full program at Frieze New York, includes exhibitions ‘Electric’ featuring virtual reality artworks and ‘The Doors of Perception’ focusing on Outsider Art; the Frieze Artist Awarda major new commissioning platform supported by the Luma Foundation; Frieze Talks, with panel discussions.’

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Art Busan – Busan, South Korea

15 May – 17 May

First, the event will be hosted by South Korea, second…just look at their programs. Art Busan has its all – talks, exhibition, tours, art film festival, and activities for kids.

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Biennale Architecttura 2020, the 17th International Architecture Exhibition – Venice, Italy

21 May – 29 November

The 17th edition will be curated by architect and scholar Hashim Sarkis. Hashim Sarkis has been Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since 2015.

The world is putting new challenges in front of architecture – stated Sarkis. I look forward to working with participating architects from around the world to imagine together how we are going to rise to these challenges.

This exhibition will be held in different venues, including pavilions, exhibition centres, cinemas, theatres, and outdoor. Venice will become an art and cultural mecca again.

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Versailles Electro 2020 – Versailles, France

8 June

Common, party at Versailles. Should I tell more? The Château de Versailles team is opening wide its garden gates to welcome thousands of clubbers. Why I have never heard about it…

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Armenia International Art Fair – Yerevan, Armenia

12 June – 15 June

Armenia is not a common country to visit for art tourism. That’s why this event has caught my eye. Armenia Art Fair is an ambitious art project to represent the country as a platform for promoting and trading art from the Black Sea and the Caucasus, parts of Central Asia and the Middle East.

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Berlin Biennale – Berlin, Germany

13 June – 13 September 

No comment.

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Helsinki Biennial 2020 – Helsinki, Finland

12 June – 27 September

This is the first art biennale in Helsinki. And will be held in summer 2020 in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island gathering different contemporary artists and creators from all around the world and Finland.

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Glastonbury Festival – Glastonbury, UK

24 June – 28 June 

No need to tell about the greatest UK festival. But, this year it’s special, as Glastonbury will celebrate its 50th anniversary. By the way, I’ve been there, and here is my post about my greatest music festival experience ever.

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The Yokohama Triennale – Yokohama, Japan

03 July – 11 October

Since 2001, this Japanese city hosts an incredible art event holds every three years. Its 7th edition will be led by ‘Raqs Media Collective, a collective of three artists based in New Delhi, India, as its artistic director. Under Raqs Media Collective’s direction, it will take the artists and co-travelers on a journey through time and space. “Afterglow” will consist of both an exhibition, and “Episōdos,” or a series of events that illuminate moments of deliberation.’

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Enter Art Fair – Copenhagen, Denmark

27 August – 30 August

Emerging top-class international art fair that will be held in one of the most innovative and creative cities. This is an art fair format with a state-of-the-art digital art fair experience gathering a diverse list of emerging artists. You can take a virtual tour of the fair all around the world. cultural events

CHART ART FAIR – Copenhagen, Denmark

28 August – 30 August

Another art event masterpiece from Denmark that combines art and design fair in one place. CHART is the leading event for contemporary art and design in the Nordic region and located in the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts at Charlottenborg, and Den Frie Centre for Contemporary Art.

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Marina Abramovic, After Life, Royal Academy of Arts – London, UK

26 September – 8 December

Here she comes. If you want to see the most discussed human-art-installation – visit this event and have a silent chat with Marina.

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XXI Bienal de Flamenco – Seville, Spain

4 September – 4 October

This is the most famous event for flamenco dance lovers. During this bienal, in the heart of flamenco paradise, the city of Seville (where I spent my vacation, here is the link), you will experience amazing concerts at different venues, street performances, flamenco art exhibitions, and masterclasses.

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Bangkok Art Biennale – Bangkok, Thailand

5 October, 2020 – 21 February, 2021

October is super hot on art events, and let’s start with another art biennale. This time in our beloved resort, the city of Bangkok.

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1-54 Art Fair – London, UK

08 October – 11 October

One of the biggest art events in London, welcoming 45 carefully-selected international galleries, showcasing the works of 140 multidisciplinary artists of established and emerging profile. The venue is a fabulous Somerset House. You can take a virtual tour by the link here.

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Annual Dutch Art Fair – Amsterdam, Netherlands

09 October – 11 October

Gathering the best Dutch and international artists in one of the most innovative and creative cities in the world. Sounds great, isn’t it?

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The Manchester Contemporary – Manchester, UK

09 October – 11 October

Another great city for cultural tourism. Manchester – a mecca for artists, creators, and still one of the main music centres in the world. The fair is held in fantastic Manchester Central Convention Complex – an exhibition and conference centre converted from the former Manchester Central railway station in Manchester, England.

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Paris Internationale – Paris, France

21 October – 25 October

Must see, really. This event is great not even because of its artists (and they are diverse), but its venues. As you see from its venue, the works are represented in different unique places with a view of Paris old city.

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Art Market Budapest – Budapest, Hungary

22 October – 25 October

And now we move to Eastern Europe. According to Art Market Budapest official website, this is a”Central and Eastern Europe’s leading and Hungary’s only contemporary art fair”.

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Florence Biennale – Florence, Italy

23 October – 31 October

And now, art biennale from the major art centres, the city of Florence.

Every two years the Florence Biennale enlivens the Medicean city with a programme of collateral events such as conferences, displays, performances, workshops and lectures.

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EXPO Dubai – Dubai, UAE

20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021


PARIS PHOTO – Paris, France

12 November – 15 November

This exhibition will be held in Paris and earlier in New York, representing the world best photo projects. I think it’s really interesting to see the exhibition that has a specific focus on photography.

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Chester Arts Fair – Chester, UK

13 November – 15 November

Chester is an old-fashioned English city, reminds me Oxford and york.

Based at the iconic Chester Racecourse, the fair has provided a platform for over eight-hundred exhibitors to develop their creative careers by enabling them to showcase and sell their work to buyers, publishers and art critics alike.

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Art Basel – Miami, USA (And Global)

03 December – 06 December

If you are an art fan, you heard about Art Basel, which is one of the biggest worldwide art events. To finish this art year, I still suggest going to Miami, where that banana case happened in 2019.

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