Travel. Last-minute Travel Decision? See How Book Cheap Flights and Accommodation Online Today.

Is it hard to book cheap flights and accommodation? Have you ever had the situation when you plan to go on vacation but still not sure about the dates? Or, maybe you decided to go just right now and don’t know where to buy cheap tickets for the next week. Your ‘lastminute’ travel decision makes you frustrating, isn’t it? Travel.Art.Stories has a solution for you! I would like to share with you some tips and websites where you can easily book your last minute trip for affordable prices, both transport and accommodation.

Book Cheap Flights and Accommodation Easily!

1. TripMyDream – Find available and cheap flights anytime!

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This is a Ukranian company that got investments of $500,000 and became the best travel startup in the world in 2016. Now, they represent service of the cheap flight tickets. The company is orientated on ‘Post-Soviet’ countries, but if you use google translate you still can book a flight to any destination.

TripMyDream differs from other similar flight ticket aggregators. The site also offers different opportunities for the flight and hotel search, including best deals or fastest options. But, you always can find discounted flight tickets. Sometimes, you can find a deal with a 70% discount.
You may make your vacation by choosing a discount first. There is also a blog and youtube channel where you can find some tips and travel guides.







TripMyDream is not only offering flight and hotel tickets but also plays the role of a travel agency. For example, you would like to go somewhere in winter, you sign your current location and approximate dates, then on the right side of the site, there are different options. You can choose your vacation in regard to the type of travel, visa, location, price, etc. So, you actually can create quickly your dream vacation. You Trip Your Dream.

2. CheapOair – Compare best deals on go!

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On this site, you also can choose flight tickets. But, what I like on this site is that they sign alternatives for a cheaper price or recommended dates just on the toolbar. So, you can easily pick the cheapest price. They also offer discounts and coupons. CheapOair is more for a middle segment where you can choose a cheap proposition for not low-cost flights.

3. Lastminute – Book last minute deals easy!

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This service reflects the ‘spirit of this post’. offer the latest hot deals for flight tickets, accommodation and even events. And, they always have sales. So, if you are searching for the last deals for cheap prices, come to

4. Roomer – Catch the best deals on accommodation, up to 70% discounts!

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Roomer is like a second-hand for hotels, hostels, accommodation. But, don’t worry, they are not actually used already. When you book a hotel on another website but then cancel it with no refund, you can send this booking to Roomer. They will take your booking and refund you, and list your booking on the website, in most cases with a discount. If you are in search for cheapest deals, use Roomer as well.

For example, you can find 100$ per night Scottish Castle or Ibis for 27$ per night in Paris. You can plan ahead your vacation checking for hot deals here first. And, what is great, you don’t need to plan ahead, Roomer usually lists best deals last minute. You can find a good option for next week or next weekend. In my experience, if you are not sure about your vacation, but want something cheap and last minute, Roomer is the best choice.

5. SecretEscapes – Luxury travel for hostel prices!

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For those, who prefer luxury vacation, but still want to get the best last-minute deal, use SecretEscapes.

According to their website, Secret Escapes is an exclusive members-only travel club offering our members huge discounts and great deals on hand-picked luxury hotels and holidays.

So, check current sales for a luxury vacation, and go to the Maldives for 3000$!

6. StudentUniverse – Take advantage of being a student!

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Here you find the cheapest ways to travel for youth and students. StudentUniverse offers discounted pricing and options on flights, hotels and tours. Also, its Travel Services division handles client requests for groups and custom itineraries.

7. Priceline – Last minute discounts for travel!

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This is also the last minute booking platform, where you can find the best offerings for transport and accommodation. Similar to Roomer and, as you also see discounted booking options and last-minute deals.

8. HomeAway/Airbnb – Live like a local and pay as for a hostel!

Probably you’ve heard about these sites, but they are still the best when it comes to last-minute bookings. Just in case you still don’t know, through these sites, you can rent a room or the whole apartment and live like a local. Sometimes, these services lack some service you can get in hotels, but I still highly recommend them. If you want to explore the city you visit and use the kitchen, try HomeAway and Airbnb. It is always better to book ahead but still have some last-minute deals.

9. HotelQuickly – Book the best hotel deals quickly!

HotelQuickly is a hotel booking website and smartphone app, available for Android and iOS devices. Here is the site where you can easily book hotels last minute with hot deals.

10. Booking – Still on the top of best deals and book cheap flights!

Yes, don’t forget about They always have last-minute deals, even or tomorrow or the nearest couple of hours. And, what I love about such sites like, you can cancel for free, and read feedback.

11. TripAdvisor – Get advisers on your travel, book cheap flights and hotels fast!

TripAdvisor is not just a website where you can leave a comment about the restaurant you visit but also find cheap flights and accommodation. And, at the same time, read tons of comments about the places you are going to visit. They have a good interface, and constantly updated a website, where you can choose the destination and get all necessary info straight away like hotels, possible discounts, the cheapest options, and reviews. They are partnering with other booking platforms like, so nothing will be missed out.

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