Art. Homeoffice Ideas for Effective Remote Work (Especially for Creators)

It seems like remote work is the only way to survive right now. While the IT crowd is fine to relocate to home office, others may feel like ‘dinosaurs’. And, then we see funny videos when children or pets interrupt Skype calls, or people working on the bed or so. I would like to share with you some creative ideas for remote work homeoffice that will inspire you for a productive and creative workday.

I’ve been working remotely since it wasn’t mainstream, and know how important it is to set up your working place at home. So…

Some tips for effective remote work

Use notebooks (both writing and electronic). Especially if you are creator, it is useful to have a paper and pen, or, fun stickers and arty notebook on your table to make sure your thoughts will never go away. But, as you surf online a lot, have an e-notebook like Evernote is a great idea.

Communication channel. Use Calendly (if you still not doing so) to manage your calls – easy way to set up timing and get a link to Zoom or Skype. Slack is still good for team engagement and communication in case you are working with a team.

Set up your home office space. Make it outside your comfort zone. Literally. Set up your working space far away from the bed where you chill. I prefer to listen to music or watch some background videos, so the TV screen is useful. I love posters on the walls, creative calendars, or other creative stuff on the table to get some creative mood.

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So, here are some visual ideas for your remote homeoffice from Instagram digital nomads and more…

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