Art. London Design Festival Art Installations, SOHO, and New Louis Vuitton

London is the capital of Outdoor Art installations. This doesn’t mean that cities like Paris or Barcelona (or actually all other cities) don’t show us art outside museums. Of course, all places have their masterpieces outdoors but London is special. London art installations play a significant role in the marketing and promotion of art exhibitions. Museums in London is not something boring. Apart from its undoubtful cultural heritage, London museums always offer new, unique, ‘top-notch’ art experiences. The city itself is collaborating with Art Museums. I’ve already written about the National Gallery Outdoor Campaign, where people could see posters of Caravaggio on the streets of London, and Mary Quant exhibition, where double-deckers were full of models dressed in Mary Quant 60s fashion dresses.

London Design Festival: Walala Lounge by Camille Walala

I was visiting London last summer and was fascinated by these art installations just in the heart of London’s West End. The installations were made by Camille Walala, a London designer known for graphics, interiors and fabrics that feature bright colours and bold patterns.  The installations were a part of the London Design Festival.

Some words about the London Design Festival (LDF)

LDF is a design event that takes place over nine days every September in the whole city of London. The Festival includes over 400 events and exhibitions staged by over 300 partner organisations across the design spectrum on an international level. The Festival also commissions and curates its own programme of Landmark Projects, Projects at the V&A, and Special Commissions throughout the city (Wiki).

London Design Festival celebrates and promotes London as the design capital of the world.

The 18th edition is planned to take place from 12-20 September 2020. We are exploring new ideas to inspire and inform our audiences, whilst keeping them safe, and are working virtually with our partners across the city to stage a great celebration of forward-thinking design.”

A note from founders Sir John Sorrell CBE and Ben Evans CBE

London Art Installations

London Design Week

Who is Camille Walala?

London Designer CAMILLE WALALA

The Art Lounge

So, the idea was to recreate an art lounge zone on the streets of London, a place where people can chill. The installations combine an extra-bright, neon colours with geometric shapes and represented a set 10 sculptural benches, accompanied by planters, oversized flags, and 3D  sculptural objects.  I never thought of how neon colour can fit street infrastructure. That looks awesome!

“Walala’s vision was to create an open-air urban living room – a place for people to come together to chat and relax in central London – with a burst of colour and irrepressible joy.”

Some creative vibes on the streets of Mayfair

London Art Installations

Carnaby’s 2019 Christmas lights 

The sustainable light art installation has been designed in collaboration with ocean conservation charity — Project 0.  This organization has also worked with Carnaby and artist James Chuter on a colourful sealife mural in the area. 1, 500 recycled bottles have been used to create the display, along with repurposed fishing nets.

These lights on Carnaby Street recreate underwater scenes with different sections representing areas of the ocean. So, now you feel how London Instagram looked like during Christmas.

New Louis Vuitton’s London Maison at 17-20 New Bond Street

When I saw the new LV, I was like “What?!” It looked like Art Exposure. And, Louis Vuitton reminded me a real modern art museum. LV welcomes art in its collections and already made some collaborations with artists.

The last collections also included collaborations with the art world. My favourite is LA artists – Alex Israel. These blue-pink-purple colours of the new Louis Vuitton are inspired by Alex Israel. And, his LV bag is on my wish list (7000$!).

Alex Israel

Alex Israel

Nine important artworks are featured throughout the store in addition to a permanent selection of Objets Nomades, the collection of designer travel and home related objects that launched in 2012, keeping alive Louis Vuitton’s long tradition of beautifully crafted travel-inspired objects.


louis vuitton

louis vuitton

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton

louis vuitton

louis vuitton

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