Travel. Paris Walk – Unexpected Places, “New” Notre-Dame, Terrace at Moulin Rouge, and Futuristic La Defense

This time Paris was quite different. Once, I got lost and found some amazing places, but at the same time have visited some common cultural heritage. I’ve already had some visits to Paris, but this time I had a chance to visit some not mainstream places and just walk. If you want to see Paris, be ready to come back many times. It feels like everything is beautiful there,  every small detail is beautiful. Tourists are more likely to visit the most famous places, but Paris has more to explore and its new architecture does not yield old-fashioned masterpieces. In this trip, I discovered a new garden of plans, Jardin des Plantes, some new places by the Seine, new Notre-Dame (hope to see it renewed), Montmartre with a terrace bat at Moulin Rouge, and a futuristic masterpiece of La Defense.

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So, here is a photo journey to Paris with some unexpected places you can also visit.

The Tuileries Garden (with my favourite chairs), Louvre and central part

I love this place and its chairs. You can see a picture of the Notre-Dame under construction.


Perfect Minimalistic Notes

These urbanistic foundings I found not far from the Jardin des Plantes and by the river Seine. It has some small gardens and interesting sculptures/architecture. Minimalistic and perfectly fits. If you know this area and this urbanistic perfection, write in the comments below.

Paris Cafes and Paris Breakfast

Paris breakfast – omelette, croissant, coffee and juice.

Jardin des Plantes

Getting lost in Paris is not the same as getting lost in other places. I found this a very Parisienne and beautiful place.

Wiki notes about the garden:

The Jardin des Plantes (French for “Garden of the Plants”), also known as the Jardin des plantes de Paris when distinguished from other jardins des plantes in other cities, is the main botanical garden in France. The term Jardin des plantes is the official name in the present day, but it is in fact an elliptical form of Jardin royal des plantes médicinales (“Royal Garden of the Medicinal Plants”), which is related to the original purpose of the garden back in the 17th century.

Headquarters of the Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (National Museum of Natural History), the Jardin des plantes is situated in the 5th arrondissement, Paris, on the left bank of the river Seine


I walked behind the Sacre-Coeur and found some ordinary houses where people live.

Paris Montmartre

Terrace Bar at Moulin Rouge

New cool bar just on the left of the Moulin Rouge. You can see from this terrace Moulin Rouge itself (after 6 pm). As you see, it has some cabaret vibes, love it!

La Defense

Here I am in the future. La Defense is not just another office/skyscrapers place but a futuristic masterpiece. I had a feeling that I am on another planet.


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