Travel. How to Make Your New Year’s Party Unforgettable?

How to make New Year’s Party Unforgettable? You can spend your Christmas holidays with your family at home, but you can also make your winter holidays really unforgettable.

The most popular destinations for Christmas holidays are:

– Ski resorts

– European cities

– New York

– New Year on the beach

Travel.Art.Stories offers you to celebrate New Year and Christmas thematically …

This is how you will make New Year’s Party Unforgettable

Scotland – Edinburgh

The UK is one of the most wanted Christmas destinations and places to make your New Year’s party unforgettable, whether it’s London or traditional English village. Travel.Art.Stories offers to celebrate Christmas or New Year in Edinburgh. During this magic period, the city becomes cosy and ‘gingerbready’. Book hotel in the city centre, or rather an apartment, wrap yourself in a plaid sitting in the armchair opposite the fireplace in a Victorian house, try traditional Scottish dish Haggis, buy whiskey and taste traditional Scottish cookies.

You also visit traditional Scottish castles and don’t forget about shopping, because there are no better and more beautiful winter clothes than in Scotland. The local bars will not let you get bored on Saturday nights. Also in the last days of December, you can visit Hogmanay celebration, full of fireworks, fairs, parades, concerts and performances.

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United States – Chicago

The most popular place in the US for Christmas is New York, but … remember Home Alone? Travel.Art.Stories offers to stay in the traditional American house where you, together with your family, will be able to recreate the atmosphere of the most beloved American movies. Have dinner, go to a local store, talk to American neighbours and feel like a hero of a Christmas movie. To start with, you can choose the Chicago suburb, where the Home Alone was filmed (Chicago, at 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka).

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Austria – Neuschwanstein Castle

Do you like fairy tales? I think all of us would like to walk in the ‘shoes’ of a prince or a princess. Become a hero or heroine of the fairytale like Frozen, visit the fabulous Neuschwanstein Castle, appreciate the snow-covered forest and turn your winter holidays into a fairy tale!

New Year's Party Unforgettable

Finland – Village of Santa Claus, Lapland

Probably the most popular destination for the Christmas holidays. Finland is a magic place and we all dream to see the Northern Lights and Santa. Please, do not spend money on souvenirs or photos with elves, but enjoy the wonderful nature.

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Russia – Moscow and St. Petersburg

Russia will make your New Year’s party unforgettable. When you think about the snow, you definitely see Russia. For those who live here, Ded Moroz (Santa Claus), snowfall, gingerbread, and sledges are something ordinary. But, for a tourist, and maybe for a Russian (who appreciates the vibe of his/her own country), Russia can be the best place to celebrate New Year or Christmas. You can ‘become’ Anna Karenina or Anastasia in the snow-covered and aristocratic St. Petersburg or ride a sledge and buy gingerbread at the New Year’s Fair in Moscow. And still, you can go to the nearest  Russian province (gubernia) and feel the spirit of the Russian village.

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Iceland – Reykjavik and the Northern Lights

Iceland is becoming more and more popular when it comes to winter vacation. Iceland is a beautiful and picturesque country, where you can see the northern lights (same as in Finland), a thermal lake and mystical beauty of nature.

Ukraine – Carpathians

I want to add some more Slavic notes. You can visit Hungary, Poland or Romania… well, I want to highlight Ukrainian Carpathians. Visit the ancient fortress, and become heroes of ‘With Fire and Sword‘ for a while. Enjoy the mystical beauty of Lake Sinevir and, of course, do not forget about the ski resort.


Australia – Sydney

And, at last, for those who are cold in winter. Sydney is one of the most popular places to celebrate your beach holidays on the eve of Christmas and New Year. Most likely it is because of the atmosphere of partying. Cocktails, Santa Clauses, bikinis and, most importantly, the beach!

Does you New Year’s party is unforgettable? Share in the comments.

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