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Barcelona! City of passion, love, creation, madness, art…The best place to visit if you want to travel. The best place to visit if you want to ‘catch’ the inspiration. This city is a homeland and ‘place of inspiration’ for our favorite artists like Dali, Gaudi, Picasso, so what creative talents does Barcelona has now? Do they feel the same vibe that their great ancestors had? Trave.Art.Stories has interviewed the Barcelona artist Alberto Castiñeira – Hasu Art, who chose Sumi-e, the Japanese painting technique as his main art direction.

Artist About Himself

Although most people know me as Hasu Art, my name is Alberto Castiñeira. Born in Barcelona but with all my ancestors and family in Galicia, my greatest goal has always been to represent and inspire feelings and sensations in my artworks, I met the Sumi-e, after going through realism, illustration and watercolors.

Barcelona artist

Remember the time when you decided to become an artist? Describe this moment of your life.

Whenever I look at the past I remember with a pencil in my hand. But my decision was made thanks to a very special person who encouraged me to hang my works on social networks, thanks to this I was entering the world of art and falling in love with me every day. I guess I’ve always had the intention but I did not have the push.

What inspires you for creation?

My emotions, feelings and my way of seeing life, trying to represent them in my landscapes, details or other things that I paint, but never forgetting that these depend on each person who sees them. For me the most important thing is to transmit.

What inspired you to create Sumi-e art? Why you choose Japanese genre for your artwork?

My inspiration comes from my own experiences, emotions and feelings, which I paint with my brushes on paper, whether in the form of landscapes, animals, symbols…

Since I was little I always interest Japanese history, culture and art, so I decided to learn this style from the hand of a great Japanese artist residing in Barcelona, she is Kaoru Hirose and from the first day I became addicted. I am also interested in this technique since I believe that in art the most important thing is to unleash emotions and feelings, and this style gives great importance to this.


Barcelona artist

Have you ever been to Japan? If yes how has this trip influenced your art?

I have never been to Japan but it is my desired trip since I have use of reason.

Barcelona artist

What main challenges did you have to become an artist?

Que mi obra llegará al publico, ya que sobretodo en los inicios es muy complicado llegar a exponer tus obras fuera de las redes sociales.

– That my work will reach the public, and it is very difficult to expose your works outside of social networks. (Translated by Travel.Art.Stories)

Barcelona artist

Please tell about your victories in your artistic life. Best exhibitions or events you participated in, awards, etc.

For me, the greatest achievement is that people get my works in the deepest aspect of them.

But it is also true that exhibited in several exhibits that can be seen on my page, as well as designs of my works in an American brand and in the portfolios of a Barcelona brand. Besides everything follows its course this year I will be in one of two books about art and I will be at the International Art Fair of Malaga.

Barcelona artist

You are from Barcelona. Do you think this city is special in terms of art and inspires artists in another way than in other cities?

I do not believe that art is in one city more than in another, the main thing is to see many cities, to know other cultures, people, ways of thinking, and to be interested in the work of other artists.

Why are artists from Barcelona extraordinary? Do you think this city brings special freedom that necessary for artists?

I think there are exceptional artists all over the world, and many of them will never know, because of lack of media, marketing .. At the same time I believe that in Barcelona there are many artists because it is a multicultural city, and that has been for some years betting on art, essential things to continue developing as artists.

How Catalonian artistic spirit and creative atmosphere has changed since Dali, Gaudi, and Picasso? Do you think there is a dramatic decline?

I think it’s the opposite, every day there are more impressive artists, whether they are known or not. They rather influenced to encourage others and are a reference point worldwide, also now in Barcelona they open the doors to many foreign artists, be they international or emerging.

What places in Barcelona should we visit first? Especially art people.

Any of Gaudi’s works, there are also many important museums, art galleries, and restaurants which in turn organize exhibitions. And most of these will be found in the centre and the neighbourhood of Gracia.

On Photo – Gaudi

What do you think about Slavic art, especially Ukrainian and Russian? How it differs from Catalan or Spanish creative attitude, in your opinion?

I think the biggest difference in art does not depend on the country but on the artist himself, his experiences, his way of seeing life and expressing himself.

Anyway, I would like to congratulate these artists as I also believe that it is an area where there are exceptional musicians. In fact, it would be one of my favorite destinations to exhibit, for the quality of the artists there.

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