Art. Music That Deserves Words. Neo-HipHop Flamenco by Rosalía!

Malamente! This song by Spanish/Catalan singer Rosalía has exploded on the web, especially because Dua Lipa mentioned this music video in one of her interviews. Rosalía represents flamenco in the new form, adding hip-hop like in Malamente  (“Badly” in Eng), electronics, or pop notes. So, this song is actually a fusion of traditional flamenco, hip-hop and r&b, with some reggaeton and electronic synths. The music video has some Barcelona spirit, I think. As it is out of control, and our imagination. There are a torero and Rosalía on the motorcycle laying a part of the bull. And, despite it is a flamenco song, the singer dances hip-hop. The music video is unexpectable in every aspect, and, in my opinion, genius.

Check a fun, vertical video of a French band ‘Yelle» here.

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