Travel. Speed-Shopping in London! What Are The Best Places For Shopping?

When you go on a trip, what you are going to do if there is only one day or even a couple of hours for shopping? We usually choose the most popular shops, but it’s better to know where to find the best places for shopping. Travel.Art.Stories start a series of articles about speed-shopping or what are the best places for shopping. And, the first city is Shopping in London!

Shopping in London

One of the most favourite places for shopping. In London, you can find almost EVERYTHING and at relatively low prices. London is the capital of fashion, especially for those who are not afraid of stereotypes and in love with the “British style”.

The most popular mass-market British brands are River Island, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Accessories (Monsoon), Marcs & Spencer, New Look, Next, and Primark. They are very popular, and they are beloved by such style icons as Alexa Chang, Rihanna, and Kate Middleton.

Topshop, New Look, Next, Dorothy Perkins as well as River Island represent the youth brands, where you can easily get something a la ‘London look’, creative and at very low prices. In River Island, you may find great accessories, especially bags. Some shoppers, despite the preference for ‘shopping’ in boutiques, still choose this brand for buying bags.

river island shopping in london

Marcs & Spencer and Debenhams – a discount paradise! On a Black Friday, discounts are up to 2 pounds per dress, for example. This brand is very popular among local,  it is suitable for any age, and the quality, by the way, is excellent. Primark is the cheapest clothing brand in the UK. In this store ‘shopping goers’ take a shopping cart the same as in the supermarket, and collect large quantities of clothing. The quality is quite good, but the prices are much lower compared to other inexpensive brands.

More expensive brands are Bessie, Office, Apricot, French Connection are surprisingly not spread around the world. The quality + design is excellent, the prices are almost the same or even cheaper than in other mass-market stores. And, do not forget about the brand, Laura Ashley. The prices in this store are lower in the UK than in other countries, because Laura Ashley is also a British brand.


According to non-British brands, visit Carpisa, Italian handbags at very low prices (during sales period 5-30 pounds per bag), Massimo Duty, Uniqlo, Zara, H & M, Mango, Stradivarius, Hollister, Gap, Levis, etc. Lindex, the Swedish brand, undeservedly unknown compared to H & M or Zara. Excellent quality, design, and lack of “inspiration from the luxury segment.” Such celebrities as Reese Witherspoon, Keith Hudson have participated in its advertising campaigns.


Vivienne Westwood, Alexandr Macqueen, Burberry, Cos, Reis, Karen Millen represent a British luxury segment. In Milan, prices are cheaper for these brands, but when you are in London how you can pass by the ‘Vivienne Westwood museum’.
london shopping

Brands Cos, Reis, Coast, Hackett London can be the best choice for great business clothes.

Location for Shopping in London

And now the most interesting part. Where is it better to go shopping?

Oxford Street

Why not? Oxford Street is the most famous place for shopping in London. Go there at least in the morning during working day hours, to avoid being trapped in a ‘shoppers’ traffic jams’. Oxford Street is a great place to buy branded stuff from boutiques and the above-mentioned brands of mass-markets.

oxford street uk

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Harrods/Selfridges – a luxury paradise for Shopping in London!

If you are interested in luxury brands, Harrods or Selfridges will offer you a huge selection. Apart from shopping, you need to visit these legendary malls, which have already become an inalienable landmark in London.

shopping in uk

Shopping in London

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

shopping uk

uk shopping

Tweed, Cashmere, Woolen Scarves …

Better make such purchases in Edinburgh, but in London, you may find places where you also can buy high-quality products of wool, cashmere, and tweed. On Oxford Street or in the centre of London you can find tweed and cashmere stores.


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TK Maxx

The most popular stock, where you can find clothes or accessories of excellent quality at very low prices. Especially pay attention to bags, they are in a very large assortment.

Shopping in London

Westfield (Shepherd Bush) and Westfield (Stanford)

The most famous shopping malls in London. Westfield in Shepherd Bush is the most popular, BUT, visit Westfield in Stanford, as it is a non-tourist place, and they’re usually more goods and fewer people.

Westfield London

Gallions Reach

The outlet of low-priced clothes and cheap goods. TK Maxx is located far from the centre, and that’s why it’s more convenient for shopping. Visit TK Maxx in the Gallions Reach, as there is a better assortment of goods and lower prices in comparison with other TK Maxx stores.

Bicester Village

Located not far from London, where you can buy famous luxury brands at discount prices.

Canary Warf Shopping Mall

Located in the business district of London. In this shopping mall, you can buy luxurious business clothes.

Almost forgot, how to visit London and not to get an umbrella?
James Smith & Sons Umbrellas is the best place to buy a traditional British umbrella. Address – Hazelwood House, 53 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1BL, UK

London umbrella

And do not forget about Tax-Free…

Go Shopping Now!

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