Art. 60’s Vintage Fashion Photo Selection: Mini-Skirt Revolution, Street Fashion, Celebrities and Top Models

Vintage Alert!

Love, love, love the 60’s. Travel.Art.Stories is crazy about everything related to the 60s. It was the beginning of the new era when people understood what the freedom is. 60’s people were involved in the Cultural Revolution, where fashion played a significant role.

Vintage fashion is something phenomenal. While we all chase the latest trends in fashion, some still hunter that trendy looks from the 30’s, 60’s, and so on. Today, you know, everyone become crazy about 80’s and 90’s fashion. Travel.Art.stories hope that at least next year we will have the same with the 60’s swinging spirit.

So, here is the random 60’s photo selection…

60’s Emancipation

Mini skirts were a symbol of emancipation and feminism.

60’s Street Fashion

60’s Fashion Magazines

60's fashion blog

Jean Shrimpton

She was a supermodel, real icon of the swinging 60’s, and muse of the legendary photographer David Bailey.

Nancy Sinatra

60's fashion blog

Brigitte Bardot

60's fashion blog


 twiggy 60s

Jane Birkin


Do you remember the movie Blow Up directed by Michelangelo Antonioni? Veruschka was an actress and supermodel and starred in the movie that reflected the 60’s London vibe.

60's fashion blog

More fashion looks you can see here 

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