Travel. Exploring Eastern Europe. Top Events You Need To Party On!

Eastern Europe is not a popular destination for partying, although such countries as Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia may suggest something ‘fresh’ and even exotic for its visitors and party people. Travel.Art.Stories would like to suggest some great Eastern Europe events across Europe, which you really need to visit.

Eastern Europe Events

Medieval Festival of Romania

Romania attracts with its mysterious atmosphere and Gothic architecture. Sighisoara is saturated with the spirit of a gloomy, but also romantic Middle Ages. Romania hosts the Festival of the Middle Ages, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the historical region of Transylvania Sighisoara. This city is the largest and one of the most popular cities in Europe. The festival takes place on 25-26 July every year, and during these days there will be performances, concerts, fairs, knights’ shows and even conferences.

Festiwal Tauron Nowa Muzyka Tauron /Festival of Electronic Music, Poland

Event Managers say, don’t sell an event but sell the place or destination. This festival is a great example of the right place for the event. The festival takes place in the Polish city of Katowice, in the post-industrial place of a closed-down coalmine. Apart from electronic, experimental, and innovative music, there is also visual art installations. In 2014, Festiwal Tauron Nowa Muzyka was deservedly recognized as the best small music festival, so don’t miss this summer ‘pearl’ in 2017.

SIGNAL Festival in Prague, Czech Republic

Prague has always stood out for its insane creativity. Remember Mucha or Kafka? SIGNAL proves that Prague has not kept up with its glorious past and still one of the European cultural centres. SIGNAL is the biggest cultural event in the Czech Republic, where modern art mixes with technological innovations and it takes place on the streets of mystical and surreal Prague.

FLOW Festival, Slovenia

This festival usually holds in Finland, but it’s not enough for such a great event. Slovenian city of Ljubljana now also hosts the FLOW. The festival is organized at the former tobacco factory, which is perfect for hipsters. Tobacco factory Tobačna today is a place where various art workshops holds and start-ups establish. FLOW Festival is like an art installation filled with a great line-up, and vibrant atmosphere.

Festival HORIZON, Bulgaria

The destination is a key reason why you need to choose this festival. The Horizon represents underground electronic music and located in the mountain ski resort of Bansko. The festival is also full of various art-installations and incredible ski parties. So you can combine winter vacation with the music in the beginning of spring, as the festival holds in March.


Croatia is one of the most well-loved partying places in Europe. There are lots of great summer fests, but the Outlook festival attracts more attention. The festival was founded in 2008 in the historical place of Fort Punta Christo, collects the best musical artists of the underground electronic music, and the festival takes a place in the ancient Roman amphitheatre.


And, to sum up. The most branded Eastern Europe event. There is no need to represent this super-popular festival. The best line-up, great atmosphere, good prices.

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