Travel. Small European Paradise – City of Luxembourg

I was lucky to visit this beautiful small country and its small city, Luxembourg, and what great I’ve been living in my friends’ apartment so I felt like real Luxembourgian.

I really loved this city. It feels like you get out of the world. The city is beautiful, full of parks, and cosy cafes. Not crowdy, quiet and have some ‘royal twist’.


I didn’t have much time to visit different places like castle or museums, but I spend few days of an ordinary, casual life, and I am happy about it.

The place where I stayed in was not in the central area. About 10 min by bus. What I can say about ‘sleeping area’? I loved it. Looks like traditional living area in most of the European cities. And what is great is that there are field and forest nearby. The area is very calm, a park is just 1 min walk, and the bus stop is few seconds walk. Very comfortable. I stayed in my friends’ apartment in the modern looking 3 floor house.


My day 1 in the city of Luxembourg:

I woke up very late and don’t regret as this was the first day of my vacation. My friends and I decided to have a quick tour of the city.

I started my vacation in Lux with the local park. This is the one that leads to the centre and the famous caves. It was the end of October so the weather was incredible. Advice: climb to the top (the park itself is on the bottom so you need to go up by the stairs to the city), and take a tour on the top so you can enjoy the view.

So this is the first place you need to visit in Luxembourg.

So, I entered the city centre and everything I saw didn’t surprise me. I expected from Luxembourg to see a small, royal, a bit even luxury traditional old-fashioned European city.

As you see from pics, there are plenty of beautiful buildings, the Royal Palace itself, cafes, small shops, etc.

Cultural life is as calm as the city itself. There is only one club I found there, and it didn’t impress me much. But there some cool gigs out there. Also, I saw the local theatre which looked impressive.

Day 2:

This day we decided to have traditional breakfast in a traditional French style coffee café. We went to Paul café and ordered café itself with almond croissants, so very French breakfast.

Concerning cafes, the one I would like to suggest you is this vintage art-cafe Kaale Kaffi.
It’s great when you come to a new place and find some real pearls like this cafe. It’s beautiful and super cosy inside and has some unique vintage stuff.

Then we went to make some shopping, or at least visit some shops.
I don’t advise you to make shopping here, as you will find traditional shops that you may find in any city and some quite expensive local shops. But the city is not crowdy so probably you may get more than in other cities. However, there some cool local cashmere shops and so on.

I want to reflect the atmosphere during that day. It was raining, but the weather itself was lovely. You now such raining days when you want to dress your favourite warm sweater go a little cosy café and have a chat. There were not many people so city center was very quiet, not busy and I really loved it.

I also advise you to visit the park which is very near the centre; there you can find a very beautiful Home for the elderly that looks like a castle and innovative, modern bridge with the incredible view.

Day 3:

I had a tour of the place I stayed in. As I said, this is a lovely ‘sleeping’ area with modern like houses. I went to a little but nice park that just in front of the house where I stayed.

Then, my friends and I went to Ashan. Yes, and I don’t regret as I think the best way to ‘catch the city’s vibe’ is actually going to the local shopping mall.

The area where Ashan is located has a modern look, there were all these big 4 companies there. The shopping mall is really stylish, if you go inside you will find fountains and ‘green’ areas and other beautiful installations. There are many shops there but we went to the supermarket.

What I can say about local food and prices, prices are the same as everywhere in Europe, in my opinion affordable. You can find some interesting stuff from Spain, Italy or France, and many more.

Don’t believe people who say that there is nothing to do in Luxembourg. Stay here for few days and have your vacation with no rush. The city is not crowdy and touristic, so you will get Europe like local. Prices on housing can be high but everything else like transport or food is not expensive.

Autumn season was a good choice for everything was so beautiful and orange. I definitely advise visiting this city where you can spend a lovely vacation.

Next trip will be to Belgium, then Paris, so don’t miss it…

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