Art. Inside Glastonbury Festival. How to Get Best Event-Goer Experience and What Was Wrong?

Glastonbury Festival just passed a couple of days ago, and Travel.Art.Stories as a huge event fan cannot miss it out. I can’t give a review of the Glastonbury 2017 (at least someone of you will share your experience), but I would like to tell how it was in previous years. I was lucky to work in 2015 as a steward on this ‘monster’ festival, so this is my review and some advice on how to rock this festival in the best way possible.

General review of the Glastonbury Festival

This is the best festival experience I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, believe all that great things they say about themselves. This festival worth it! Everything is the best. The best line-up, best venue, best art installations, best food, and maybe even best event-goers. First class event.

I also love its British spirit. I want to take a British flag and scream Freeeeedooom or Briiiiitain, whatever. There is a feeling that  these couple of days you moved to another planet of super creative aliens. The festival includes all forms of art on the highest level and almost all genres of music. With some British notes of course.

You may find lots of great fests in the world, but if you want to taste something British, go to Glastonbury.

glastonbury festival


The festival is located on a farm in Pilton, which is located in a small countryside, Shepton Mullet. I really advise you to visit this village. Catholic castles, nice center, and spirit of a lovely British village in the city. There is a southern atmosphere there. Take a break during the festival or come earlier. There are some shops there, so you can do shopping. Tesco supermarket is 20 min walk from the festival. Glastonbury city is one hour ride.

The place of the festival itself is lovely. It is literally located on a farm in the ‘sleep land’ of the village, so you going to have some neighbours. Have a look how British village people live.


There was amazing food on-site. Glastonbury had paella, churros, hipster burgers, British food, and so on. Everything of the best quality. There was a wide range of food and drinks. So, you will eat high-quality cuisines from all around the world.


Very British. And it’s great. UK music is the best in the world, so Glastonbury is the best place for reaching out the best UK music. Go to the underground stages, they always have something great. I loved the NME (the Other) stage. Also, don’t miss BBC Introducing stage, where you can open new talents, or, even covered stage with pop music will surprise you with great performances.


Apart from other music festivals, Glastonbury focuses not only on music. Every part of the festival is full of art, the whole festival itself is a celebration of art adoration. Check the art pavilion, there you will get art dose you need.


Safety on Glastonbury is on high level. I served festival as a steward so I know how it works. The festival itself has CCTV, and stewards, security in the whole festival territory. But, there is a vast amount of such security outside the festival, with CCTV as well. The area and village are safe, secured by security guards of the festival, so don’t worry about your safety and please don’t try to pass without tickets, they will easily catch you. Believe me. Stewards of the event patrol even in the forests off-site.
I didn’t notice any safety records, but maybe I could miss something.


They all cool, stylish, arty, messy, dirty, and… calm. People were great, so I felt safe during the festival. Age range mostly 25-35, but I’ve seen kids there, their parents and 60+ hippies. There was the atmosphere of that amazing hippie era.


I noticed people were dressed like hippies, or ‘like brits’. Be stylish, but dress something you can easily destroy. Take a jacket.

Camping and living onsite

I loved that caravans some goers had. They look so festival alike. People were just having picnics at the festival, and it was great.
A VIP area wasn’t crowdy and had a look of an Indian village.
Camping is the same as in any other festival. But what is great that you can set your camp tent in the stage area. If your tent is on the hill, you are going to watch Pyramid stage and have a pint of beer just in front of your tent. So, it makes sense to come earlier to the event.


£238 + £5, which is quite wow. But, if you take into account the ‘price’ of its headliners, the price is good.


I think Glastonbury doesn’t care a lot about festival’s promotion. Social media presence is fine, but it’s evident that there is no necessity to promote the most famous festival in the world.
I think their strategy is to invite most ‘irrelevant’ headliners.

Weather conditions

It was hot, and one rainy day was included so take your rubber boots and umbrella.
glastonbury festival

 What was wrong at Glastonbury Festival?

I’ve never heard about this issue from the media, BUT, there is a smell there. As the festival is set on the farm, you will experience that ‘smell of nature’. I have to tell this. In the area, left side from the Pyramid stage, I can’t imagine how people were sleeping. Again, come earlier to the event.

Post-festival apocalypse?

Believe me or not. I ‘ve been there after the event and it was a great party there. Some people were chilling and singing in their small tribes. It wasn’t as messy. You may grab some chairs or tents that people left.
glastonbury festival

Sum up

Go there, it worth it. Take rubber boots, and set your tent in the proper place. Visit the underground stages and art area. Stay on the last day after the end of the festival and make some photos without the crowd.
Glastonbury Festival – 4,9 of 5.
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