Art. Outdoor Marketing? Seriously? Now See The Grand Tour Outdoor Poster Campaign by London National Gallery

In the digital era, all our marketing efforts rely on social media, ads on Google, and content. Also, a crucial role plays influencer marketing, and other digital marketing approaches. The National Gallery outdoor marketing campaign is another great example!

It feels like we don’t believe in traditional marketing anymore. Or, at least put more efforts to develop the digital side strategy of the business. But, as almost every company implement digital marketing, outdoor marketing seems something edgy.  So, does outdoor marketing is a new black?

I would like to share the example of an effective outdoor marketing campaign conducted by the National Gallery & Hewlett Packard.

National Gallery marketing campaign

Back to June 2007, the National Gallery attracted the public attention by its ‘The Grand Tour Outdoor Poster Campaign’. Around twelve weeks, the streets of London were being turned into a Gallery. Over 30 full-size recreations of National Gallery paintings. And, this means London streets were literally filled with paintings from Caravaggio to Constable. The public was more ‘numbed’ than ever, as it was totally unexpectable.

The main goal was to attract visitors to The Grand Tour exhibition. And, it was a great approach. What do you think?

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