Travel. My Paris Diet or No Gym – Go to Paris! Eat and Stay Fit Like Parisienne

SoParis is famous for its food traditions, and Parisians are famous for ‘Paris diet’ eating healthy food and looking great! I’ve been to Paris, and now understand why in this city it’s easy to stay fit. French cuisine is healthy and tasty, and French people have right traditions of food consumption. The other reason is that French snacks are much healthier than in other countries. French people eat salads, yoghurt, fruits, or fresh and properly baked bakery. First, the main reason why you can easily lose weight and stay fit in Paris is evident. Because you don’t have time to eat. There are so many things to do in Paris. And, you don’t want to eat, as Paris will ‘fill your stomach’ with positive emotions.

Famous ‘Paris Diet’

paris diet

Do we need healthy diets? Or, it’s all about stress? (why Paris diet works?)

There are plenty of articles on the web that give us advice on losing weight fast and choosing the best healthy diet, or workout exercises. Why go to the gym, if you can just travel and lose weight because you are happy, full of positive emotions, and try the best food at the destination you visit.

In many cases, we gain weight because of stress. Have you ever heard about Cortisol stress hormone? When you feel obsessed, stressed, depressed, or bored, you gain weight and it’s a scientific fact. As a result, when you feel stress, your body ‘saves some fat’, and when I say stress I don’t mean ‘happy and active stress’ when you are on the roller-coaster or have a performance on the stage.  If you want to stay fit, work on your emotions and feelings, and if you have extra weight, something is wrong with your lifestyle.

Exercises for weight loss?

For instance, if you are lazy to exercise, maybe you don’t need to do it. You don’t love it, this can the reason why you are lazy. If you eat a lot, ask yourself why. Maybe you are not satisfied with your life now and replace real happiness with food.  I think you got my point.

That’s why I think that travelling can be the best way to lose weight fast as you will be busy with positive emotions, and will get more energy to walk more and explore something new.

If you are willing to find the right diet to lose weight, or just want to stay healthy and fit, here is the best option for you to do it. Paris diet or how to lose weight thanks to Paris.

Two days, 1-3 ml loss, and I am not joking!

Day 1 of my Paris diet

Walking across Paris for the whole

Start your day with small espresso or tea with yoghurt, a small piece of fresh baguette, some slices of Jamon, and both –  Mozzarella cheese with Camembert cheese.

Here is the plan…

  • Morning exercising. Start from Montparnasse train station, and go to the Eiffel Tour. It will take 40-50 minutes, so morning workout routine has been passed. Now you’ve seen ET in the morning. Walk around ET, go to la Place de Trocadéro make some pictures.
  • Have lunch. Somewhere in the local bistro. Get some bakery, or choose a healthier option like traditional continental breakfast. paris diet
  • Continue your daily workout. Go straight to Parc de Luxembourg, and don’t be lazy, walk across all the park in the morning as it looks empty and really magic! Then, go to the central part of Paris, passing Sorbonne, Notre Dame, and the river Seine. This route can take about 2 hours. 
  • As you are not far from the river Seine, let’s make a traditional French picnic. You will need a baguette, cheese brie or Camembert, some fruits, and granola.
  • Why not go to Louvre? Your trip around Louvre will take about 3-5 hours, and you can definitely include this ‘workout exercise’ to your three days fitness routine.
  • Have your dinner after.
  • Evening walk can take up to one hour, and be you ‘cherry on the cake’ of the daily workout.

Day 2

Exercising and losing weight in Montmartre!


Have your quick breakfast at home. Coffee and granola will be enough, hurry up as today you need to walk around the famous Paris hill.

First, go straight to Blanche metro station.

  • In Montmartre, visit vibrant Place de Clichy, which is 5-10 min walk from the Moulin Rouge. After that, go straight to Sacre Coeur. This will take 40 min approximately. So, here is your morning routine.
  • Montmartre is full of cafe and shops, you can have your lunch there. Whatever breakfast…treat yourself!
  • Why not visit some shops around, it does not refer to exercising, but anyway you need to have some rest. Small shops of Montmartre are unique, just avoid traditional boring souvenir shops.
  • Continue with exercising, climb to the top of the hill to see Sacre Coeur.
  • The best way to have a snack in Montmartre is Sacre Coeur bench on the stair. Have your sandwich or salad on the top of Paris. paris
  • Go up passing Sacre Coeur and see one of the most creative Paris areas, where you can see local artists.
  • Now it’s time to come back to the metro station, from Sacre Coeur hill to the metro is about 20-30 minutes.
  • Montmartre is better to visit in the first part of the day. After 6 p.m. you can stay for evening Sacre Coeur light show though.
  • Have your dinner at home. You can buy some Italian ravioli, salad, baguette, or visit the local market.

In conclusion, in Paris, it’s difficult to have an unhealthy lifestyle. Their supermarkets are full of healthy, fresh products, their cafes and restaurants offer properly done sophisticated cuisine. After that, I don’t remember any junk food places, and French people usually choose healthy snacks like yoghurt, fruits or properly cooked bakery. So, I advise you to choose Paris as your ‘loose weight camp’, and instead of the gym, it’s going to be enjoyable and productive.

By the way, check my post about Paris trip here.

Disclaimer: no fat-shaming in the article. I just want to give some advice to those who want to lose weight for some reasons.

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